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At E-Cigarette Reviews, we’re big fans of vaping. What started out as a means to leave behind a smoking habit has over time transformed into a genuine passion for vaping. With that comes learning about how everything fits together from your coil, vape tank, wattage and e-liquid to get you the best experience possible. Pairing everything together to get it just right for you takes practice and experimentation. Having said that, when you’ve got an idea of what works well in the first place, you’ll find what’s best for you a lot faster.

Vaping is an investment and you can spend as much or as little as you want on it. With that said, there’s a huge variety of products on the market, meaning it can be difficult to know what to spend your cash on. That’s where E-Cigarette Reviews comes in.

We’re here for the just-starting vapers, the intermediate vapers up to the hobbyist vapers who know Ohm’s Law like the back of their hand. Many people see vaping as more than just a means to quit smoking, they actively enjoy buying and using their kit. Over time, plenty of e-cigarette users upgrade their tanks, get new mods and of course try more vape juice flavours.

We wanted to take the guesswork out of all those new products. Here, you’ll find reviews spanning everything you can find in a vape shop. From the most popular new kits (ranging from simple pod starter kits through to dual-cell heavy duty Sub Ohm kits) to individual pieces like mods and tanks. You’ll also find reviews on e-liquids from brands the world over. Whether they’re an e-liquid giant or an artisanal manufacturer we’ve reviewed everything from high VG e-liquids for massive clouds to 50:50 nic salts for the transitioning smokers.

Who’s behind E-Cigarette Reviews?

In short, we’re a bunch of dedicated vapers who used e-cigarettes to quit smoking. We started reviewing back in August 2014. Since then, we’ve seen a huge increase in both the quality and range of vaping technology. Original vape kits had less flavour, were less reliable and tended to be more leaky and less user friendly. These days, there’s a whole vaping subculture and you can refine your tastes over time with different brands, coil types, PG/VG ratios and flavour profiles.

We love testing new kits, tanks, mods and of course the huge variety of e-liquids that are constantly reaching the shelves of your local vape shop. We wanted to put together comprehensive and impartial reviews for all the products you might be wanting to try to give you an in depth view of what they’re really like.

How we test products:

When it comes to testing, we like to put things through their paces. We test products over several days to get a feel for how they’ll perform long term. This way we can fully evaluate things like how coils perform in regards to flavour and vapour, how long they last and how good battery life is on a kit.

When it comes to e-liquids, we run a full few tanks through to get a thorough impression of all the flavour notes as well as to see how it ages over time. We’ll state which device we’ve used e-liquids in along with coil resistance, metal material and wattage (where possible) to provide the most comprehensive idea of testing conditions.

We’ll always try to factor in personal preferences too. While we might not love everything we try, we aim to review from a perspective that what’s right (or wrong) for one person might not be the same for the next person.

Who we made E-cigarette Reviews for

E-Cig Reviews is of course, made for vapers. You might have just started researching into what vaping is and want some background knowledge regarding what’s available. Or, you might be an experienced mech-mod user and coil builder. We review for you as well as everyone else in between.

E-cigarette Reviews was made to provide an educational and impartial view point of vaping tech and e-liquids. We believe vaping provides a viable alternative to smoking that’s both safer and more enjoyable. The content on this website is made for people over the legal smoking/vaping age.

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