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Published on August 28th, 2019 | by Theo


All Star Nic Salt E-Liquid Review

All Star Nic Salt E-Liquid Review Theo
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Summary: With a few complex flavour profiles and some simpler ones (done very well no less) the All Star nic salt range is certainly worth a look for pod mod users.


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All Star are a new e-liquid name to me, they have a range of short-fill flavours and a nicotine salt range, which is what I have here to test. They come in 20mg strength and a 50/50 blend, so perfect for all the recent pods and AIO’s that are very popular at the moment. There’s five flavours in the range: Blueberg, Grape Ice Berries,  Strawberry Kiwi, Chilled Watermelon and Honey Tobacco Creme. I’ll be testing them out in a few different devices, a Smok Nord, a Uwell Caliburn and the Zlide Tank from Innokin, so I will be able to get an idea of how they taste in different situations.


Blueberg will be a fairly familiar flavour to many, it’s a similar combination of berries, anise and menthol that many other liquids have used before. The mixed berries are sweet but with a definite tarty edge, the anise is quite strong and the menthol also packs quite a punch. Subtle isn’t what this flavour is about. When combined together it’s quite a fruity taste on the inhale, with hints of liquorice on the exhale. It’s cool and refreshing and a taste that a lot will enjoy. To me it’s got a very old-school candy like vibe. Probably not something I could vape all day, but it does make a nice change especially when you are after a strong flavour sensation.

Grape Ice Berries

Grape Ice Berries is a similar type of flavour, it combines sweet and juicy grapes with berries and finishes it off with menthol. Comparing this against Blueberg it’s a little sweeter and a little less in your face overall. So if you like the vibe of Blueberg but want something a little more toned down then I’d recommend Grape Ice Berries. It has a delicious fruity inhale with a nicely balanced menthol exhale. I found myself enjoying this more than I thought I would especially in the hot weather. It was very cooling and refreshing. If you don’t like menthol then I’d probably avoid both of these.

Strawberry Kiwi

Strawberry Kiwi is a very different offering. It’s a great pairing and one that’s been done before but All Star have managed to create a flavour that is quite unique. The strawberry notes are very sweet and have that very ripe taste. The kiwi fruit is a nice almost sour counterpoint that creates a well balance fruit blend. All Star say that there is another “spellbinding secret ingredient” in here too, I don’t know what that is but it tastes to me like there is far more going on than just strawberry and kiwi fruit. It’s a sweet flavour overall but there’s a noticeable, but subtle, spicy note too which really helps lift the fruit to the foreground of the flavour. I really enjoyed this one, and it comes highly recommended for fruit vape fans.

Chilled Watermelon

Chilled Watermelon is the most straightforward flavour in the All Star range but that’s not to its detriment in any way. What you get is a very juicy and mouth-watering watermelon flavour that’s been enhanced with a chilly cooling effect and menthol that really helps make the flavour convincing and authentic. This is a great flavour for sunny days and also to use a palate refreshing change if you usually vape heavy desserts or tobacco flavours.

Honey Tobacco Creme

Which leads us in to the final flavour, Honey Tobacco Creme. It’s an extremely palatable tobacco that isn’t dry or as strong as some can be. It’s a far softer taste that’s full of warm, earthy and leafy notes. It has a nice richness that’s been subtly enhanced with sweet honey notes and smooth cream. I feel that there’s a wider appeal here than just tobacco fans. However I also think that it would make a great flavour for a transitioning smoker, there’s enough warm tobacco notes there but it’s a much sweeter and smoother taste than you might expect. I really enjoyed this tobacco and I’ll be keeping in this my Caliburn for future use.

Overall Conclusion and Summary

All Star e-liquids may have been a new name to me but they will be a name I look for in the future. The flavours are strong enough to come through well in the smallest devices and the nicotine salts are smooth and satisfying. The 50/50 blend is perfect for all MTL tanks too and I thought they performed even better in the Zlide tank where the slightly higher level of vapour production meant I was satisfied for longer than with the smaller pods. Overall I think these Nicotine Salt All Star e-liquids are well worth checking out. The flavour is good, vapour production is good and the 20mg nicotine salts are smooth and easy to vape. Give them a try, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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