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Published on July 22nd, 2019 | by Theo


Aspire AVP Pod Kit Review

Aspire AVP Pod Kit Review Theo
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Summary: Unique in shape and with a few more unusual features for a pod kit, the AVP gives a super crisp flavour while still being easy to set up and use. A great option for new vapers that need something compatible with higher nicotine liquids.


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Aspire are back again with another compact pod system. Unlike the Nautilus AIO, which uses the replaceable coil heads, the AVP is a disposable pod system. When the coil is finished you throw the whole replaceable pod away. This has upsides as well as downsides. Depending on where you are in your vaping journey, it will probably change how you feel about it. For smokers looking to take their first steps then the easier something is to use, the better it’s probably going to be for them. It comes in a range of colours to suit your own personal tastes, I have a nice chrome one to test.

Build quality and specifications

Inside the box there’s the AVP device, 2 pods, a micro USB cable and a very nice lanyard. There also a small manual which explains everything clearly. There’s not much to explain really but it will help new vapers get started. The device is made of zinc alloy and does feel well made and solid. It’s not that heavy but it does give the impression quality, certainly a cut above some of the more cheaply made pod mods.

The pods just drop into the top and are held snug by magnets, there’s very little movement and the pods will fit and work either way round. The AVP is an auto draw device but there’s a button to turn it on and off with the usual 5 clicks, which also doubles up as a power setting button. 2 clicks will change the power between 8, 10 and 12w. The battery has a capacity of 700 mAh which is fairly standard for a pod device. The coils inside the pods have a resistance of 1.2 ohms which seems about right to me for the wattage range available.

I really like the shape of the AVP it’s a nice slim device that can slip into a jacket, trouser or even a shirt pocket without any problem. It’s slightly angular but it’s very comfortable to hold. The finish is nice and overall the build quality and finishing is very good, as you might expect from a company as highly regarded as Aspire.

Pod flavour and performance

Filling the little pod is very easy. It has a push to fill port that you simply insert the nib of your bottle into and push down. I didn’t have any issues with my bottle tips but if you use a brand with a very wide tip, this could be a problem. I suspect that most people buying this will be using smaller bottles though. Obviously you won’t be able to fill this pod with a pipette. It’s impossible to prime the coil, so after filling you just need to let it sit for 10 minutes to fully saturate the coil.

The draw is on what I would call the looser side of mouth to lung. The power on the device is adjustable but the airflow sadly isn’t. The flavour from this little pod is however very good, it really surprised me just how good it was. All the complex flavour notes are there in my favourite liquids and I found that the  pod life was excellent. It took a good couple of weeks before the taste started to diminish. Overall I think the performance of the coil in these pods is better than in a lot of similar devices.

Overall Performance and summary

The thing the Aspire AVP has over many other similar devices is it’s variable wattage. The option to change between 8, 10 or 12w may not sound like a big deal but on a pod system, for me, it turns it into something that has a much wider appeal. Without it, you are stuck with what it gives you, which you will either like or dislike. The ability to adjust the wattage means it will suit a lot more people. It’s a shame there isn’t adjustable airflow too, but I guess you really can’t have everything.

The battery was lasting me all day with an 18mg liquid in it. At a guess I would say I was getting around 200 puffs before needing to recharge. So if you treat 10 puffs as a cigarette then a 20 a day smoker will get a full packet’s worth of vaping.

Filling was fairly mess free and the AVP was very easy to operate. It’s very easy to see how low your liquid is in the pod too which is is a big plus as it’s not always the case. The LED is bright and clear and shows the power level and overall battery level by changing colour. I also found it quick to charge, taking around 1 hour 30 minutes from zero to full. I think everything about the Aspire AVP is suited to new vapers, it’s very easy to use and provides an automatic MTL draw that a smoker would easily adapt to.

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