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Published on June 22nd, 2019 | by Theo


Best 18650 Batteries for Vaping

Everyone is always looking for the best 18650 battery to use for vaping, but in truth there is no ‘best’ as such. There are suitable batteries and unsuitable batteries for your device and the way you vape. The number code ‘18650’ refers to the size of the battery, 18mm diameter and 65mm in height. The 0 in the end meaning it has a circular cross section and is tubular in shape. There are 18650 batteries with very low amp ratings that are NOT suitable for vaping devices; just being the right size isn’t enough.  However there are many 18650 batteries available that we can use for vaping, so this is by no means a complete list or in-depth test. It’s just my thoughts on batteries that I, and many others, have had success using. They are from proven and trusted companies and for most people’s needs will perform very well.

Samsung 25R

The Samsung 25R has been a trusted battery for many vapers over the years. It’s a solid performer with a true continuous discharge amp rating of 20A and a decent milliampere-hour rating of 2500 mAh. It’s inexpensive and I’ve had good results with this battery in dual 18650 regulated mods and mechanical mods with moderate builds down to 0.4 ohms.

Samsung 30Q

The Samsung 30Q has a higher capacity than the 25R at 3000 mAh. Samsung give the 30Q a  continuous discharge amp rating of 15A, This is my favourite 18650 for single battery mods to use at lower power. It’s what I use for MTL vaping under 20w and gives excellent run time and performance in that situation. It’s also inexpensive and a great all rounder for regulated mods.

Sony VTC5A

With a continuous discharge amp rating of 25A, the Sony VTC5A has been the battery of choice in any higher power situations. Mechanical mods with builds on the lower side and very high power regulated mods will benefit from using the VTC5A. For a battery with such a high amp rating it still has a very good 2600 mAh capacity. If you only want to use one type of 18650 for all your vaping then this might be the best choice.

Sony VTC6

The Sony VTC6 is another 3000 milliampere-hour, 15A continuous discharge battery. It has a similar battery specifications to Samsung’s 30Q and performs well in regulated mods especially. I have a pair of VTC6 batteries in a Voopoo Drag and they’ve given me great run time and performance for over 6 months now.


The brown coloured LG HG2 is another great choice for regulated mods. It has a 3000 mAh capacity and a maximum continuous amp draw of 20A. When I first started vaping this was the most popular battery to use and it’s proven itself to be a safe and reliable battery in regulated set ups. It’s still a very good choice and an excellent 18650.

If you are using a mechanical mod then it’s essential that you understand Ohm’s law and that you are able to work out the current draw of the coil you are using. Your choice of 18650 must be based on that first and foremost. In a regulated mod it’s a little less critical for safety but it’s still useful to know to get the best run time and minimal sagging of the voltage when you vape. If you have any doubt then any good vaping vendor should be able to help you choose something that’s suitable.

Battery Safety

Whichever 18650 you choose, you should always make sure it’s suitable for your device and the wattage you vape at. You should also take great care with your cells, always keep them in a suitable case. They are available for as little as a pound and are essential for storing and transporting your 18650’s. If the plastic wraps or top insulators become ripped, nicked or damaged in any way, you must re-wrap them immediately. Battery wraps are inexpensive and are easy to apply with a regular hair-dryer and should never be overlooked.

Over hundreds of charges and continued use, rechargeable batteries will start to lose performance, capacity and the ability to hold a charge. If you notice any of these things it’s time to invest in some new batteries.

To charge your 18650’s safely, I would recommend a good quality dedicated charger such as the Nitecore D2 or D4. These chargers aren’t expensive and they will ensure your 18650’s are charged safely and properly to the correct voltage.

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