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Best British E-Liquid Brands

With new e-liquid brands being established what seems to be every month, sometimes it’s good to have a few firm favourites to turn to. We love a UK made e-liquid at E-Cigarette Reviews and there are a handful of brands we know are always consistent quality and flavour. We’ve chosen our top five, with options for Sub Ohm vapers as well as nic salt users. We’ll also recommend a few flavours from each we particularly rate. Whether you’re looking for a high VG fruity option or a 50:50 menthol nic salt, these brands will have something for you. 

Dinner Lady 

We could hardly have a list of our top British e-liquid brands without including Dinner Lady. They’ve become so popular across the UK they’re even available in supermarkets as well as being sold all over the world. They’ve gone from 10ml pre-mixed liquids, to shortfills to nic salts since their creation back in 2016. Essentially, no matter how you vape, Dinner Lady have nicotine options for you (as well as a broad range of flavours). 

Most people know Dinner Lady from their Lemon Tart e-liquid. This one has proven so popular it’s now available in shortfill format, pre-mixed 10ml bottles and a nic salt formulation. With the release of their first CBD range this year, they made Lemon Tart in a CBD e-liquid too. It’s their best seller and has won a number of awards. If you’re a dessert fan and you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out. It pairs a sweet and sour lemon curd with a buttery biscuit base for a well rounded vape. 

Since the success of Lemon Tart, Dinner Lady have expanded their core range massively. One of our favourites is the Tuck Shop range – the Watermelon Slices is a particularly wonderful offering. If you prefer a fruity vape, Dinner Lady have ticked that box too with their latest Fruit range

Ohm Boy 

Created by Oxford Vapours, Ohm Boy are an eclectic brand with a whole lot of flavour profiles to choose from. Like Dinner Lady, they started out in the realm of Sub Ohm liquids (specifically with shortfills). Now, they’ve expanded to nic salts so pod mod users can enjoy their flavours too. 

At the moment they have just two core ranges – Volume I and Volume II. Volume I used to come in chunky 100ml bottles but has recently had an overhaul to come in more portable 50ml bottles. The stand out from this range is the Cosmic Coffee which won an award for the best breakfast vape. It’s been renamed to Caramel Latte and is a sweet and earthy coffee blend with a generous drizzle of caramel to sweeten it up. 

Their Volume II range is what we think really sets them apart. They’ve taken a bunch of familiar flavours from the UK and blended them to perfection in both shortfills and nic salts. The packaging is beautiful and the flavours are incredibly rich. We love the Apple, Elderflower and Garden Mint in particular. It’s got the flavour of a ripe and crisp apple, a delicate floral note and the most genuine flavour of mint we’ve ever tried. Definitely more of a mint than a menthol, Ohm Boy are worth a look especially if you particularly enjoy a fruity vape. 


Another brand that’s made quite the name for themselves is I VG. Originally named I Love VG, they started our primarily in the high VG liquid market. Since then, they’ve expanded into nic salts too – hence abbreviating the name as their nic salts come in a balanced 50:50 PG:VG. Their flavour range is the broadest of any brand on this list. Whether you want a tobacco, fruit, sweets, menthol or an elaborate dessert vape – I VG do them all. 

Their shortfills come in a standard 70% VG content so are perfect for Sub Ohm tanks and drippers. The flavour most people know I VG for is their Bubblegum Millions e-liquid. This one has proven so popular it’s made it into the nic salt range too. Desserts and sweets fans are especially spoilt for choice with I VG. Their whole custard range is entirely unique – from Butterscotch Custard for an extra sweet flavour to a more tart option in Lemon Custard. They’re all incredibly smooth, rich and the best part is none of them seem to burn coils out despite the sweetness.

Jack Rabbit 

Jack Rabbit are a somewhat lesser known brand given their more narrow range, but should be the top of your list to investigate when you want something new. Their select range of e-liquids were originally made for family and friends but they’re now an award winning brand. Most of their vape juices are made for those vapers who enjoy a more complex flavour profile rather than something simple. 

The two flavours that stand out in particular cover two of the most popular flavour groups. One is a dessert and the other a fruit option. Mandarin Cheesecake is a holy grail dessert vape because it’s just the right balance between sweet and fruity, without ever getting sickly. The notes of mandarin make for a light, almost floral, citrus note and the cheesecake base is creamy and smooth. 

If a purely fruit option is more your thing, you can’t go past Rio. This is Jack Rabbit’s award winning e-liquid from the drink/cocktail category. It really is the taste of something you’d sip while you’re on holiday. Pineapple, papaya, mango make for a sweet and tangy base with a hint of coconut cream to round it off. It’s another incredibly smooth vape and the whole Jack Rabbit range is now available in a nic salt format too. 


Finally, we had to choose one dedicated exclusively to the nic salt users. SOLT have also just released a new range. They now make their e-liquids in both a 20mg and 10mg strength. This is always a nice option to have when you want to drop your nic level.  Made with the usual 50:50 VG/PG ratio they’re perfect for pod devices and lower powered vape pens. 

SOLT made their range with newer vapers in mind. You’ll find a few tobacco flavours, a lot of fruit and menthols and a few other unique blends. Spearmint is a wonderful option for those of you who enjoy a menthol but want something a little more herbal and sweet. There are also options for more experimental vapers. SOLT have included the sweet and liquorice like notes of aniseed in a few of their liquids. We especially rate Super Fruits, also from their new range. It combines a handful of berries with aniseed and menthol. It combines sweet and fruity with a little bit of spice and a cooling effect. While it may be a bit of a love or hate flavour, it’s worth giving a go.

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