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Brand Review: Attitude Vapes

A purveyor of just about the finest e-liquids anywhere, you really can’t go wrong with any of the e-liquid flavours from Attitude Vapes. The love child of a collective of vaping enthusiasts and expert mixologists, instead of spreading their focus across dozens of different flavours, UK-based Attitude Vapes instead focuses on five delectable varieties of juice that are sure to make your mouth water.

No matter which of the five you choose, you’re destined to fall in love with Attitude Vapes as one of the premiere suppliers of quality e-liquids in the world.  Their motto – Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference – will ring true every time you take a draw on your atomizer and present one of their wonderfully crafted mixes to your palate.

Custard Tart – Silky vanilla custard resting atop a foundation of subtly smooth butter flavour, Custard Tart is a sweet custard-inspired dessert vape that will leave just about anyone clamoring for more. This fantastically balanced neutral vanilla vape pairs great with other flavours and is perfect for mixing and matching with the other e-liquids in your collection.

Punk – With a flavour profile somewhere in between apple juice and tropical punch, Punk is a sublimely succulent and juicy e-liquid that packs seriously pleasurable flavour in every draw. Sweet but not overpowering, this apple, mango, and guava juice concoction is a great all day vape for anyone who likes the fruitier side of life.attitude vapes

Old Dog – Seriously sweet and sublimely rich, this e-liquid takes everything one might expect to find in an ice cream sundae and combines it into an insanely delectable dessert vape. Infused with flavours of raspberry, strawberry, whipped cream and hot fudge, this smooth dessert vape is sure to nip any sugar cravings right in the bud.

The Mistress – This sweet and oh-so-delicious e-liquid perfectly melds the flavours of natural strawberry and vanilla ice cream together to produce a cool and balanced profile with a flavourful punch. Strong yet still maintaining a cool smoothness, this delicious dessert vape is guaranteed to please.

Winston – Packing seriously savory flavour with just a hint of sweetness, this wonderful e-liquid expertly melds the flavours of tobacco and dark chocolate with the subtle undertones of brazil nut and banana. The least sweet of the wonderful line of juices from Attitude vapes, this is the easy choice for those who are less interested in dessert vapes.

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