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Brand Review: Beard Vape Co

Far from average, the curated selection of quality e-liquids on offer from Beard Vape Co are the results of thousands of hours of refinement and feedback from dozens of customers in which nearly a hundred flavours were whittled down to a mere eight which represent one of the finest juice collections in the world. No frills, no fuss, and no names, each one of Beard Vape Co’s e-liquids is assigned a non-descript number and once you’ve sampled the whole lot, you’re all but guaranteed to find a new favorite all day vape.

It all began at the start of Spring in 2014 in the back of Nana’s Vape Shop in lovely Venice, California, when brothers Brady and Casey bates were struck with the epiphany that they were capable of creating juices every bit as good – if not better – than what they were currently recommending and selling to customers. By New Year’s they had cranked out nearly a hundred flavours and, through diligent work and in conjunction with a cleverly placed sampling station in their store, were able to quickly hone each to meet the vaping preferences of their customers. Eight varieties in total were refined, tested, and chosen to represent the company’s flagship line of e-juices.beard-600x600

No. 00 – Perfect for an ex-smoker who has recently kicked the habit, No. 00 has a natural tobacco flavour on top of sweet kick that’s sure to satisfy any residual cravings unfulfilled by vaping.

No. 05 – If you’re a fan of strawberry New York cheesecake you’ll absolutely love No. 05. One of Beard’s original five e-liquids, this decadent and creamy cheesecake vape will leave you always wanting more.

No. 24 – The newest addition to the Beard Vape Co lineup, No. 24’s sugary salted caramel malt makes it the perfect all day vape for anyone who likes a little bit of savory with their sweet.

No. 32 – One of the most popular e-liquids in the world, the sultry and seductive cinnamon funnel cake flavour of No. 32 is a fantastically powerful, seductive all day vape certain to please almost anyone.

No. 42 – For a wonderfully refreshing vape reminiscent of a fruit salad on a summer’s afternoon, the clear and easy choice is No. 42.

No. 51 – Custard layered on top of custard, No. 52 is the surefire way to kill your craving for all things custard. This creamy vanilla blend goes down smooth and promises never to bore.

No. 64 – Layers upon layers, subtly melding raspberry and the unique aromatic taste of hibiscus, No. 64 is a unique vape the likes of which you’re not going to find anywhere else.

No. 71 – With a sultry sweet and sour candy flavour somewhere in between gummy bears and sour patch kids, No. 71 is sure to connect with the inner child in anyone.

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