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Brand Review – Cheap Thrills Juice Co

The manufacturer of some of the best e-liquids anywhere in the world, you can be sure when you buy a bottle from Cheap Thrill Juice Co that you’re buying some of the highest quality 70:30 VG/PG juices around. Always lab tested and only containing USP grade nicotine, the amazing flavours and affordable prices of the fantastic e-liquids from Cheap Thrills is sure to make your mouth water and leave you coming back to their delightful bouquet of juice varieties again and again.

Created through a lengthy process of research, development, and focus group testing, the six juice blends from Cheap Thrills cover just about the entire flavour spectrum including everything from fruits to pastries, berries, cinnamon, and luscious savory tobacco. Sure to always leave you wanting more, these wonderful e-liquids are pure pleasure in a bottle.

Lemon E11even – Cheap Thrill’s delicious take on a lemon and sugar glazed ring donut, pastry lovers simply cannot go wrong with this sweet and delectable donut vape. Sure to thrill lovers of citrus and donuts alike, you won’t regret giving this cool and refreshing vape a try.miami-drip-club-lemon-eleven

Ocean Lime – Reminiscent of a drive down a windy coastal highway at sunset, this combination of the citrus essence of a fresh lime melded with refreshing coolness will leave your taste buds happy and your craving for citrusy sweet goodness satiated.

Little Havana – Succulent caramel, potent cinnamon, and delightfully rich pastry mixed with the savory essence of a quality Cuban cigar define this wonderful juice that’s destined to become a favorite for any tobacco vape lover lucky enough to get his hands on a bottle.

Sunset Strip – Packed with the essence of blueberries, blackberries, and the sweetness of California oranges, Sunset Strip is a potent and highly refreshing citrus berry juice that packs a nice sweet punch with the most subtle notes of delicious tangy citrus.

glory-glaze-e-liquid-by-cheap-thrillsGlory Gaze – Covered in sugar glaze with a subtle hint of blueberry frosting, this wonderful fruit donut inspired vape fulfills all the sugary donut cravings of a trip to the donut store without any of the extra calories.

Rush Rush Yayo – Exuding the essences of apple on the inhale with the delightful taste of watermelon and strawberry on the exhale, this delightfully intense and complex vape is bursting with sweet fruit flavour and makes for a delicious all day vape.

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