Brand Reviews club juice 10ml e-liquid

Published on February 5th, 2019 | by Theo


Brand Review: Club Juice

Brand Review: Club Juice Theo
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Summary: A variety of flavours in a 50:50 ratio. Perfect for mouth to lung tanks and enough options that you can have a different flavour every day of the week.


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We’ve done a lot of nic salt and short fill reviews recently. This time, we’ve struck the middle ground and are reviewing the 10ml e-liquids from Club Juice for you. Club Juice are another UK manufacturer of e-liquids. This range comes in a 50:50 ratio with a range of nicotine strengths so caters to just about everyone. If you’re a mouth to lung vaper, there’s a wide range range of both simple and unique flavours to choose from.

I tested these juices in a 3mg strength using the Aspire Tigon. They were vaped with a 1.2ohm coil for mouth to lung vaping.

The single note e-liquid flavours:

Sometimes simple is best and Club Juice have catered to everyone here. Any of these options are jam packed with flavour on their own but are also nice when mixed together too.

Club Juice Cherry

Exactly what it says on the bottle. This one is a black cherry through and through. Slightly tangy with just the right amount of sweet, this is a classic fruity option.

Club Juice Grape

If you don’t enjoy a cherry vape, I’m sure just about anyone will enjoy this one. A little more exotic, packed full of flavour and quite an aromatic juice. It’s sweet and has that classic “purple” flavour you get from grape sweets.

Club Juice Menthol

You can’t go wrong with a menthol. Personally I prefer to mix menthol with other flavours to give it a cool edge. I vaped this one on its own and it’s a classic punchy mint with a real cooling feeling on the exhale.

Club Juice Apple

Another classic fruit option, this one is a green apple kind of granny smith flavour. Tangy and crisp, it’s sweet enough to be morish without ever getting sickly. Apple would make a great all day vape.

Club Juice Tobacco

A classic smooth and smoky tobacco flavour. It’s earthy and ever so slightly sweet on the exhale. Flavourful enough to appreciate but not too overpowering.

The more complex e-liquid flavours:

If you want a more unique, pre-mixed e-liquid, there are a few flavourful options to choose from.

Club Juice Berry Menthol

berry menthol 10ml club juice

Always a refreshing classic, this was my first-tied favourite from the range. Sweet red berries are the obvious flavour note throughout. The menthol comes through in particular on the exhale for a fresh blast.

Club Juice Black Aniseed

My other favourite from the range is the Black Aniseed. Blackcurrant is a fresh and tangy note that really delivers on the fruit flavour. Aniseed is a unique twist (and fairly uncommon). If liquorice isn’t your thing, you’re probably best giving this one a miss. If you like that spicy and slightly sweet flavour you’ll love it.

Club Juice Vanilla Latte

A beautiful option for the morning, it’s a sweet coffee you can vape. Comforting notes of vanilla have been blended with a rich and booty coffee. Perfect to pair with your real life brew to bring the flavours to life.

This range is has a great spectrum of flavours to choose from meaning you’re sure to find something to love. As mentioned I used these in a 3mg but you can also get a 0mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg. The 50:50 ratio means you get a pretty solid throat hit so they’re ideal for newer vapers for that reason too. Vape them on their own or mix a few together, you can really experiment with Club Juice e-liquids.

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