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Published on June 14th, 2019 | by Theo


Brand Review: Coil Master

Coil Master are a manufacturer and supplier of products for DIY coil making. They have a range of specialist tools, including coil winders as well as useful screwdrivers and cutters. Their popular Coil Master DIY kits contain everything you need in a smart carry case and are an ideal starting kit for those that don’t have tools already. Coil Master has everything you need to make using drippers and rebuildable tanks as hassle free as possible. Coil Master is a name vapers worldwide have come to depend on and trust for supplying great quality products at an affordable price. For review I have the latest V3 DIY Kit, and a few little extra goodies like a polishing cloth, a rubber battery case and some battery wraps.

Starting with the star of the Coil Master line up, the DIY Kit V3 which includes: diagonal pliers/cutters, needle-nose pliers, stainless steel folding scissors, Phillips screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, ceramic tweezers, elbow tweezers, Kanthal wire spool, 521 Mini V2 resistance checker/reader, the Coiling kit/tool V4, a T shaped hex key driver and some organic cotton. The price for all this is around £40 which is good value if you are literally starting from nothing. Everything included comes in a lightweight but well-constructed carry case that would be perfect for chucking in a backpack and taking away on weekend trips or holidays. But are the contents of this kit any good?

Coil Master Accessories

Lets look at the small stuff first. The cotton and hex driver are what you might find in a lot of tank and mod kits these days and really should be considered ‘free extras’ as they are nice to have in the kit but don’t add much value overall. The wire is 24awg Kanthal, which would indeed give you something to vape on in a pinch, or allow you to practice making coils, but unless you use this exact wire regularly, again, it’s nice to have but far from essential.

Coil Master Tools

Moving on to the tools, that I do think are essential, we find two screwdrivers and tweezers. The screwdrivers are all metal and have a nice red and black finish. They’re of a good quality and the sizing is right for the vast majority of RTA’s and RDA’s on the market. The ceramic tweezers work as they should and are well constructed, they are especially handy for people that use large complex coils and need to do a considerable amount of pinching and pulling to remove hot spots. The elbow bend tweezers are more useful for pushing cotton around and poking it into juice wells and they work great. They are also of the same good quality. These tweezers are available separately too, so if you only need some new tweezers you don’t have to buy the whole kit. They are better quality than what you’ll find in the pound shop and should last a long time if you look after them. A good investment for most people I think.

Good scissors are a must in anyone’s kit and I’m happy to report that the ones in the Coil Master Kit V3 are very good indeed. The folding design is handy and they are sharp enough to cut through cotton with ease. They make a clean, tidy job of trimming your wicks which is really important; having poor scissors can be really frustrating. Both sets of pliers are also excellent and work as they should. The side cutters will slice through even the largest coil ends and make a tidy job of it. The needle-nose are less useful to me but I’m sure they would come in handy for grabbing and holding various things, pulling wire etc.

Coil Master Coiling kit and 521 Mini V2 Tab

The final two items in the kit are probably the main reasons most people would consider buying it. The excellent V4 coiling kit and the 521 Mini V2 Tab resistance checker. These 2 items alone retail at around £30 so here’s where most of the value is in the kit. The 521 Mini V2 Tab is a versatile little bit of kit, you can use it as a stable building stand; something to heat your coils on to remove hot spots from you builds; and of course a resistance checker/ohm reader/short checker. If you are using a mechanical mod then this is absolutely a must. The 521 Mini uses an 18650 battery that isn’t included in the box, so if you don’t have a spare one then you’ll need to buy one. The display is red, bright and clear and the whole thing feels well made. It is light weight and constructed mainly of plastic. It’s not quite as robust as its bigger brother, the full sized 521 Tab, but that is £33 on its own. I think this mini version is more than adequate and it does what it supposed to do at a price that everyone can afford.

Coil Master V4 Coiling Kit

Lastly but by no means least, included in the DIY Kit is the new V4 version of the Coil Master Coiling Kit. It’s the same as the one you can buy on it’s own for around £10 and comes with all the same parts. It’s the best coiling jig/tool available in my opinion and probably the product that really put Coil Master on the vaping map. It’s finished it a nice black finish and will enable you to make coils from 1.5mm to 4mm inner diameter, so you are covered from the smallest micro coils to huge monster coils. The bars are kept together snug and secure in a rubbery plastic block and using it is pleasing and rewarding. If you are struggling winding coils around a screwdriver or similar, the Coil Master coiling kit will help you start making perfect looking and performing coils.

Overall the kit would make a fantastic gift for any vaper and would be useful for anyone who uses rebuildable tanks or RDA’s. If you are just starting your coil making journey then this kit has pretty much everything you need to get going.

Battery Wraps and Rubber Cases

Coil Master seem to be expanding their range at quite a rate, the 10 packet of battery wraps is a very welcome addition, they are thick and easy to replace with just a common hair dryer. These along with the rubber battery cases show Coil Master take safety seriously and it’s brilliant to see products like this from such a highly regarded brand. Coil Master also have a full range of wires and pre-made fancy coils all at very affordable prices.


I like to think of Coil Master as the ‘everyday vaper’ brand and these products reinforce that. Great quality, great prices and a huge range of genuinely useful accessories.

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