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Published on June 19th, 2019 | by Theo


Brand Review: Drip Down

Brand Review: Drip Down Theo
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Summary: More excellent liquids from the IVG stable. Some familiar and unique flavours, made in the UK by a trusted brand. 70VG great value short fills that will provide great flavour and high vapour production in a wide range of sub-ohm vaping devices.


Outstanding I VG Quality

Drip Down are a range of 50ml short fill e-liquids from the IVG vape labs. IVG have been expanding a lot as a company recently, introducing salts and concentrates into their line-up. They have won many awards for their liquids and have many popular flavours. There’s a total of nine new flavours in the Drip Down range, all made in the UK and blended to a 70/30 ratio. The flavours are: Blue Lemonade, Peach Lemonade, Blue Tonic, Kiwi Apple Tonic, Lemon Tonic, Blueberry Magic, Cola Lollipop, Pink Bubbles and Red Power. I’ll be testing them in a Kennedy 24 with a pair of simple clapton wire coils.

Lemon Tonic, Kiwi Apple Tonic and Blue Tonic

I decided to start with the 3 Tonic flavours as I was most curious to see what they were about. Lemon Tonic is described as a zesty lemon mix with the added sweetness of sugar. It sounds like a simple flavour and first impressions were that it was indeed very lemony. The bottle states ‘Low Ice’ on all the Tonic flavours and there is a little bit of a cooling effect going on. I’m not sure if it’s a hint of menthol or something else but it’s not overpowering and it does give the liquid a refreshing quality. If you enjoy lemon vapes then this could be exactly what you are looking for. I prefer lemon a little less in my face, in a lemon curd pie or something similar, so this wasn’t for me. It is however a very good lemon flavour with enough sweetness to stop it being overly sharp or sour.

Kiwi Apple Tonic sounded more like something I might really enjoy and I wasn’t disappointed. The kiwi fruit is sweet and is a great contrasting flavour to the crisp green apple. The ‘Low Ice’ effect really brings out the crisp sharpness of the apple and would make a great summer vape.

The final Tonic flavour is Blue Tonic. I wasn’t sure what to expect here, I was hoping for blueberries but it’s actually a blue raspberry flavour. It’s similar to blue raspberry slush vapes you may have tried before and if you like those you’ll like this too. It’s not too sweet and that hint of menthol does create a nice cool tasting vape.

Blue Lemonade and Peach Lemonade

Moving on to the Lemonade flavours, Blue Lemonade is almost like a combination of the Blue Tonic and the Lemon Tonic but without the ‘Low Ice’ menthol. It’s a little sweeter than those and as a home-made cloudy raspberry lemonade it does a convincing job. It gave me the impression of being quite mouth-watering, somewhat like a fruit pastel too. I don’t know if it was just the sweetness but it had a bit of a ‘candy’ vibe to me, which wasn’t unpleasant but a little unusual in a lemonade. Peach Lemonade was a big surprise and felt a lot more authentic and was absolutely delicious. It tastes like the same sweet lemonade base but there’s a lovely hint of lime on the exhale that really helps with the impression of a tangy zesty lemonade. The soft ripe peach sits with that perfectly and is the main taste on the inhale. Drip Down Peach Lemonade is probably one of the best lemonade flavours I’ve tasted and my favourite of the bunch so far.

Blueberry Magic, Cola Lollipop, Pink Bubbles and Red Power

Moving on to the last 4 of the IVG Drip Down Range we have Blueberry Magic, Cola Lollipop, Pink Bubbles and Red Power. I’ve often enjoyed blueberry vapes, especially blueberry muffins and bakery type vapes.

Blueberry Magic is a blueberry bubblegum flavour and I was very curious to see if I would like the blueberry in this type of vape without the bakery notes I’m used to. After vaping it for a while I’m still not sure what to think. It’s a very different flavour to any other blueberry vape I’ve had before, it’s unusual because of the context it’s in with the bubblegum. I get the feeling that this might be a bit of a ‘Marmite’ flavour, you’ll either love it or hate it, but you’ll have to try it. If you are bored of the same old flavour profiles then this would be highly recommended.

Pink Bubbles, I’ve just discovered, is also a bubble gum flavour. I would say it’s the same bubblegum base flavour as Blueberry Magic but combined with different fruits. What those are exactly I can’t tell. There’s notes of cherry, raspberry, strawberry, maybe even a little vanilla. It does taste exactly like a type of bubblegum I’ve had in the past though, something from my childhood. I’m not a superfan of these bubblegum flavours by any means but I can see why people enjoy them. They are very nostalgic and it’s uncanny when you first taste them, it’s a flavour you know instantly but can’t really explain or put your finger on. If bubblegum vapes are your passion then these will be great additions to your rotation.

Cola Lollipop tastes exactly like you would imagine. It’s not an ice lolly or fizzy cola taste, it’s the same flavour as a cola ‘Chupa Chups’ lolly. Sweet as you like, with a strong cola syrup taste. It’s a proper candy flavour and there’s no mistaking the taste for anything else. Whether this flavour will appeal to you very much depends on how much you like candy, not how much you like cola.

The last flavour to try is Red Power, I’ve saved this for last as I was hoping it’s going to be one of my favourites from the Drip Down range. It’s described by IVG as ‘a mix of fresh red fruits’ and vague descriptions like that have always piqued my interest. After vaping this for a while my best guess would be that it’s a main note of raspberry backed up by some strawberry. On the exhale there’s impressions of cherry and currants, maybe even the slightest hint of apple. Whatever secret combination is at work in Red Power it’s a really nice fruit vape. It’s not too sweet and has some really effective sharp and sweet notes that taste very authentic.


Overall I think most of the range offer something fairly unique. The flavours are well balanced and offer some surprises. My personal favourites are Kiwi Apple Tonic, Peach Lemonade and Red Power but if those don’t sound like your thing then I don’t think you would be disappointed with any of them. The 50ml bottles are good value and being made in the UK by a trusted and well known company is a big plus, especially when buying short fill e-liquids that are out of the scope of the TPD. I think IVG will have another successful range on their hands with Drip Down and I’m looking forward to seeing what flavours they will add next.

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