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Brand Review: Element NS20

Brand Review: Element NS20 Theo
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Summary: Even after nic salts have saturated the market in the last year, the Element range of NS20 nic salts is still worth considering. They were hugely successful for a reason and have plenty to offer on flavour with the negligible throat hit you expect of nic salt.


Still Just As Good

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Element e-liquid are one of the giants of  US vaping. Known for their stylish packaging and great flavours across several ranges, it didn’t take long before they became a global brand with many stockists and customers across the UK. Many e-liquid companies have come and gone since I first started vaping but Element have stuck around the whole time. I first used their NS20 liquids when they collaborated with Aspire on their Gusto Pod System, which used pre-filled pods. With so many refillable pod systems available now, it makes sense to revisit one of the original nicotine salt based liquids and see if they are still up there with the best.

The NS20 Element e-liquids include a huge range of flavours from the Original Elements range, the FAR range, Element Emulsions and the Element tobacconist range of flavours. I have a selection here that includes flavours from all the ranges. Watermelon Chill, Pink Lemonade, and Fresh Squeeze from the original range; Far Grape Vape from the FAR range; Pink Grapefruit & Blueberry from the Emulsions range and to finish off I have Honey Roasted Tobacco from the NS20 tobacco range. I have a couple of the common and popular pod-style devices to try them out in, the new Voopoo Drag Nano and the Innokin Z-Biip AIO.

Fresh Squeeze, Pink Lemonade and Watermelon Chill

Starting with the originals, Fresh Squeeze is a flavour I tasted a while back in a MTL tank before pods were as popular as they are today. It’s a great fresh orange juice taste that comes over really well in the Z-Biip, sweeter than real orange juice and it reminds me of something like Sunny Delight. It’s very enjoyable and I can’t see it disappointing anyone looking for an orange flavour for their pod.

I have Pink Lemonade in the Drag Nano, it’s a refreshing blend of tangy lemonade that’s been highlighted with some really delicious sweet red berry notes. They are both excellent flavours that come across tasty and satisfying in these smaller devices. Watermelon Chill is a cooling watermelon infused with a touch of mint, it’s perfect for vaping on hot days and would make a great vape for people who enjoy something lighter and brighter. Considering these flavours have been available for a while now they certainly don’t taste past their best. I would highly recommend revisiting them if you haven’t tried them for a while. I had forgotten quite how good they actually are.

Grape Vape and Pink Grapefruit & Blueberry

NS20 FAR Grape Vape is billed as a blend of three different grape flavours. I don’t think anyone could actually pick out the three varieties of grape here, but there is a depth of flavour that suggests something more than a single grape flavour. There’s plenty of sweet and tangy notes with just a hint of sourness underneath. I don’t always feel that grape flavours come across well in pod systems as they can taste a bit watery but this is vibrant enough to work well in the little Drag Nano. It’s a straightforward flavour that I wouldn’t have any problem recommending for anyone who is looking for a well rounded grape e-liquid to use in a modern pod system.

I have the Pink Grapefruit & Blueberry from the Emulsions range in the Innokin Z-Biip now and it’s probably my favourite so far. The grapefruit is super tangy and it cuts through the sweet juicy blueberry to make a really exciting combination. There’s enough of a flavour punch even in a small device and all the elements of the profile are coming over as they should. It’s quite a unique taste and makes a nice change from the more common fruit combinations.

Honey Roasted Tobacco

Honey Roasted Tobacco from the NS20 tobacco range was one of my favourites when I was testing out the Aspire Gusto Pods so it’s great to have the same flavour to put in any refillable pod. It has a delightful woody tobacco base that’s sweetened with a nutty and honey infused top note. It’s a smooth and soft tobacco flavour that will suit ex-smokers new to vaping and current vapers looking for a sweet, rich and tasty all day flavour. Element e-liquid have quite a large range of tobacco flavours but I think this is one of their best.

Overall Conclusion and Summary

Overall all these Element e-liquid flavours stand up well in modern pod devices. They are available in both 10mg and 20mg and are ideal for lower power vaping. If you’ve overlooked them or not tried them for a while then I would highly recommend checking them out and seeing for yourself how well they perform in your open pod-type system. They produce a good amount of vapour and the nicotine salts are some of the smoothest I’ve had. Element e-liquid are one of the originals and still one of the best.

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