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Published on August 17th, 2018 | by adminREV


Brand Review: Ohm Boy

This range from Ohm Boy was all about creating unique flavours that are out of this world – created around a story in which a spaceman (Ohm Boy) crashes in space and has to create some e-liquid to keep him going while he waits for a rescue party. All of these flavours come in a 70:30 VG/PG ratio making them ideal for a range of devices from a more basic pen vape to an RDA. There are three flavours in the range, Cosmic Coffee, Hubble Bubble and Lightspeed Lemonade. Ohm Boy did a great job at catering to a variety of flavour preferences even though there’s only three juices to choose from. In a saturated vape juice market, how do these intergalactic creations stack up?

As you’d expect, Cosmic Coffee has a main flavour note of earthy and nutty coffee followed by caramel and ice. The iciness is more of an afterthought when you vape it, adding more of a coolness than an actual menthol hit. After you’ve been vaping it a while you don’t notice it so much but it makes for an incredibly moreish vape that goes down as easily as a caramel frappe. A very smooth juice to vape on and definitely the stand out flavour from this range.

Hubble Bubble is a bit more “out of this world” with its flavour notes, combining bubblegum, blue raspberry (hence the rather vibrant colour of this e-liquid) and ice cream. Despite the ice cream aspect it’s definitely more of a fruit than dessert vape and it’s not too sickly thanks to the slight tartness of the blue raspberry notes. The vanilla ice cream is really only noticeable on the exhale but still provides a nice sweet hit. The fruit is definitely more dominant here than creamy dessert but it’s still a satisfying vape.

Lightspeed Lemonade is the most sharp tasting of the trio with citrus and lemonade but it’s still well balanced enough to be an all day vape if liquids with a slight sour twist are your thing. It starts off with a strong mango flavour and then the raspberry hits (which is a step up from Hubble Bubble) as well as the sweet and sour lemonade note to keep things fresh.

Each of the juices in this range provide some great flavour, with the unique notes being easy to taste separately from each other and the vapour you get is exactly what you’d expect from a 70% VG liquid. Given how much fruit and dessert flavours are dominating the vaping market these days there’s probably a flavour in here for most vapers. All in all though, Cosmic Coffee definitely steals the show.

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