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Published on September 3rd, 2018 | by adminREV


Brand Review: Solt E-Liquids

With a massive increase in popularity in the past few years of pod kits, nic salts haven’t been far behind. Being able to deliver much higher levels of nicotine without the strong throat hit or harsh taste, they’ve gained a lot of attention recently especially following the likes of Juuls nic salt pods. Previously, vapers were a bit limited as far as flavours but recently there’s been a whole lot of new brands coming to the party to cater to pod mod vapers. Solt have released a range of 20mg, 50:50 juices ideal for pod kits and entry level vapes with a variety of flavours to cater to everyone’s tastes.

The first in the the range was Berry, simply named and does what it says on the tin. This one is reminiscent of the hard boiled sweets you used to have as a child. It’s a tasty blend of forest fruits and berries on the inhale and you really notice the menthol cooling effect on the exhale.

Black Jack is quite a unique mix, especially for a nic salt liquid. Aniseed, liquorice and dark berries create a rich and refreshing vape. The aniseed won’t be for everyone, but those who like liquorice (or sambuca for that matter) will enjoy this one as well as the sweetness added from the berries.

Next in the range is Mango, again, a simple name but it’s not a one note flavour. Mango is the first impression upon vaping you get but there’s also a splash of mandarin for a citrus kick. Lovely for first thing in the morning when you want something a little sweet and less heavy than the likes of something like Black Jack or Tobacco.  

Solt have also catered to the more traditional flavour fans in creating a couple of classics. Menthol is one of them – another one that tastes just how you’d expect. Full on peppermint which is great on its own but it’s also a pleasant addition to the other flavours. Adding a few drops for a cooling effect peps some of the heavier flavours up nicely.

The other classic flavour you can always expect to see in nic salt ranges is of course tobacco. The tobacco from Solt is rich, but not too heavy and has a really authentic taste. Pleasant on its own but it also goes well with the next flavour in the range – Vanilla – to soften it a little if you want a milder taste.

Finally, a straight up sweet vape to cater to the dessert fans. Vanilla comes in with a rich and butter custard flavour and a distinct vanilla bean on the exhale. The last in the range and also what I would consider to be a perfect after-dinner vape. Incredibly satisfying and not overly heavy or sickly.

From tobacco, desserts, fruit or good old fashioned mint the range from newly released Solt, their selection rivals the ever-popular Element NS20 selection. Being a 50:50 range it would be an ideal option for anyone with an open pod system looking for something a little unique.

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