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Charlie’s Chalk Dust – Big Belly Jelly E-Liquid Review

Charlie’s Chalk Dust – Big Belly Jelly E-Liquid Review adminREV
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Summary: A vape that tastes great any time of the day. The sweet jelly beans make this e-liquid a blast from the past with it's nostalgic flavours.


Super sweet vape

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Perfect for candy fans, sweet vape enthusiasts, or just anyone who loves jellybeans, Big Belly Jelly is a fantastic watermelon and blueberry jelly bean inspired vape that will transport you back in time to your first trip to the candy store and make you feel like a kid again. Another in the superb line of candy vapes from Charlie’s Chalk sure to always satisfy your sweet tooth and leave you coming back for more, this e-liquid is bold, sweet, and tantalizing to the taste buds. Well-balanced and nuanced without being so sweet as to dull the taste buds, this deliciously sugary candy vape is nothing short of liquid jellybean essence in a jar and manages to pack all the pleasure of a bag of jellybeans into the form of a deliciously delectable, calorie free juice.Charlie_s_Chalk_Dust_-_60_Big_Belly_Jelly_grande

A sure favorite for candy vape lovers, those who don’t like a seriously sweet vape might want to look in another direction than Big Belly Jelly. Fantastic by itself or when mixed with pear, apple, grape, or pretty much any other candy or fruit juice, Big Blue Jelly can also be added in small amounts to dessert, cookie, and pastry vapes to add a wonderful candied watermelon and blueberry essence to  just about anything. A fantastic choice in a world full of endless other e-liquid choices, anyone searching for a jellybean inspired vape is going to find themselves right at home with Big Belly Jelly. If you’re a fan of jellybeans this is definitely the vape for you.

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