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Cheap Thrills – Glory Glaze – E-Liquid Review

Cheap Thrills – Glory Glaze – E-Liquid Review adminREV
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Summary: This doughnut vape is very moreish, a smooth and satisfying vape packed full of flavour. If your a dessert fan you will love this!


Deliciously sweet

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Covered in sugar glaze with a subtle hint of blueberry frosting, Glory Glaze from Cheap Thrills Juice Co is a wonderful blueberry donut vape that fulfills all the sugary donut cravings of a trip to the donut store without any of the extra calories. Great as a juice for all day vaping as well as an after dinner treat, the amazing flavour profile of this e-liquid is sure to make your mouth water and is without a doubt one of the best pastry inspired vapes available today.glory-glaze-e-liquid-by-cheap-thrills

First and foremost, Glory Glaze is a donut vape with the delicious taste of freshly baked sugar glazed fried dough as the dominant flavour. Extremely sweet, if you’re not a fan of some serious sugary goodness in your e-liquids, this may not be the flavour for you. If you do love nothing more than an e-liquid jam packed with sugary sweetness, however, Glory Glaze packs a seriously sweet punch that is enough to satisfy even the sweetest tooth. The glazed sugar flavour of this delectable vape blasts your taste buds and balances perfectly with the subtle nuances of blueberry. The blueberry flavour of Glory Glaze is not particularly pronounced and, appearing mostly on the exhale, serves as a great compliment to the donut flavours without directly competing with them.

The limited complexity of Glory Glaze makes for a juice that pairs extremely well with other e-liquids, including fruit, berry, and dessert flavours, and is a fantastic base upon which to build your own original concoctions. Like the other seventy/thirty VG blends from Cheap Thrills, Glory Glaze produces awesome clouds equal to or surpassing its phenomenal flavour. If you’re a fan of donut vapes, you won’t regret giving Glory Glaze a try today.

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