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Published on July 10th, 2019 | by Theo


Cosmic Fog Nic Salts Review

Cosmic Fog Nic Salts Review Theo
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Summary: With flavours to cater to a range of vapers palates, the Cosmic Fog nic salt range is smaller than some but comes with the added bonus of a few nic strengths.


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Cosmic Fog is a brand I’m very familiar with as they were around back when I first started vaping, but I always associated them with making liquids that were low in nicotine and designed for cloud chucking sub-ohm RDA vaping. That might just be because of the name though. Either way, they launched a highly anticipated nicotine salt range earlier in the year and they’ve finally made it to the UK in 10ml TPD compliant bottles with a choice of either 10mg or 18mg nicotine strengths.

The liquids come under the Salty Fog sub-brand and are made to the same high standards as the regular cosmic fog ranges. I have all four of the initial flavours in 18mg to try, they are a 50/50 blend and I’ll be testing them in the Smok Mica Pod System. The flavours on offer in the Salty Fog range are: Simply Mint, Neon Berry, Bourbon Tobacco, and the delicious sounding Cucumber Mint.

Bourbon Tobacco

Let’s open the Bourbon Tobacco first. I like to go into liquids blind so to speak, so I wasn’t sure if this was going to be a Kentucky Bourbon or a Bourbon Vanilla that’s alongside the tobacco flavours. A quick smell from the bottle tells me it’s a Kentucky style Bourbon.

I enjoy both Bourbon and tobacco flavours so I hope this isn’t going to be a let down. Thankfully there’s no such worries here, this is a fantastic tobacco flavour. It’s not a light tobacco in any sense of the word, it’s a very rich and full tasting blend that will appeal to tobacco flavour lovers, I don’t think it will be the type of flavour that will convert people over to tobaccos though.

The Bourbon comes across as a woody oak barrel background note with a really nice enjoyable throat hit that suggests an alcohol note, although of course there is no alcohol here. It’s not too dry either with a nice amount of sweetness, it’s a very good tobacco flavour all round. If you like a rich, smokey, woody tobacco then I highly recommend giving this a try. If you are trying vaping for the first time this will taste much nicer than your cigarettes.

Simply Mint

I’m trying the slightly less exciting sounding Simply Mint next, which to be honest is surprisingly good. It’s clearly been mixed with pods, AIO’s and lower powered vaping in mind as it just works so well here, where it might not in a sub-ohm tank.

It’s a refreshing mint taste that doesn’t taste like toothpaste or anything else minty that might put you off. It reminds me of a sweet, after-dinner mint that you might get at a nice restaurant after your meal. I can see myself keeping some of this in a pod just for that purpose. It’s a good simple mint taste with a bit of candy-like sweetness, which going by the name is exactly what they were shooting for.

Neon Berry

Neon Berry is also a very apt name for the next flavour I’m trying out, because it’s a really vibrant flavour. There’s juicy, tangy oranges and a really bright raspberry top note.

There seems to be a little sweet strawberry in there too which helps make the raspberry taste really punchy. There’s a hint of creaminess on the exhale which really helps smooth the flavour out and adds a nice thick texture. It stops everything getting too overwhelming and coming across too watery, which some fruit juice type liquids can sometimes happen. Overall it’s just a great, bright fruit flavour and it works exceptionally well in the pod system.

Cucumber Mint

I’ve saved Cucumber Mint until last. I’m always excited by flavours that sound a little out of the ordinary, and this is actually more unusual than it sounds.

There’s a definite melon note in here that I wasn’t expecting. Combine that with a very cool tasting cucumber and a delightfully sweet minty finish and you have one of the most genuinely refreshing liquids I’ve vape in a while. This is a classic summer all day vape and I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys these types of flavours and needs a liquid for their pod or stealthy AIO.

Overall Conclusion

The nicotine salts in these liquids provide a good nicotine strength for use in a small device like my Smok Mica. The 18mg is smooth and provided enough nicotine for me to get through a day without actually vaping that much. That’s really useful if you can only vape on your breaks at work. Being nicotine salts the throat hit is very mild which is perfect for people that want a higher strength liquid but struggle with the throat hit using traditional freebase nicotine. Being a 50/50 blend you won’t be getting plumes of thick vapour from these liquids but that’s not what they are for. They are however perfect for use in any Pod System or lower powered MTL device. The Cosmic Fog Salty Fog range are fantastic flavours and quality e-liquids in every way.

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