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Published on August 13th, 2019 | by Theo


Disco Juice E-liquid Review

Disco Juice E-liquid Review Theo
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Summary: The Disco Juice range are great value, coming in 100ml bottles for the price you might usually pay for 50 or 60ml. They are good, solid flavours and if these types of fruit flavours appeal to you, then they would make a great choice for all day use in a regular tank set up.


Fruity and Flavourful

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Disco Juice is a range e-liquids from SVC labs, the home of Cheap Thrills, Chicken Shop, Miami Drip Club and many other popular UK brands. The Disco Juice range features four flavours, each their own a unique take on a fruit soda flavour. They are a 70/30 blend and come in 100ml short-fill bottles, so you can add nicotine shots of your preferred type if needed. I have the whole range to test and I’m using a Freemax Fireluke 2 sub-ohm tank. I have the X2 coil fitted and I’m using around 60w of power.

Mango Mandy

I’m going to try the Mango Mandy first, it’s a mango and raspberry mix over a sweet soda-style base. First impressions are good. There’s some nice juicy mango notes coming through on the inhale that aren’t overpowered by the slightly tangy raspberry. The exhale is sweet and smooth with a hint of fizz from a slightly sherbet-like effect.

It feels quite cool but not in an extreme menthol way, just a hint of something to give the impression of a refreshing beverage type e-liquid. It’s quite tropical in it’s vibe and I think it would appeal to people who like topical punch flavours but are looking for something a little different.


Disco Juice Peacha is a similar flavour to Mango Mandy in a lot of ways, it’s clear that it’s from the same range. However, in Peacha the mango has been replaced with a delicious sweet peach jelly. On the inhale there’s an almost peach gummy candy taste, along with the tarty raspberry notes.

On the exhale the raspberry comes through a little stronger here to give the impression of a raspberry lemonade with peach notes. It’s a crisp taste that’s very refreshing. If you’ve enjoyed pink lemonade type flavours before then I think you’ll like this too.


Grapecrasher is totally different from the first two I tried. It’s a grape and pineapple soda that feels like it has a little more of a cooling element. It’s like vaping pineapple and grape juice that’s been poured over ice. The sweet soda elements feel lower in the mix so you get an altogether more authentic fruit juice type experience.

It’s still have a pleasant sweetness though and the exhale is cool and refreshing again. This would be a great flavour for vaping in the summer sun and would make a very easy all day vape. If you like cool, sweet pineapple flavours then this would be especially recommended.

Lemonezza Gud

Finally I have Lemonezza Gud to try. I did laugh at the reference to the chart topping rave track from the early 90’s, but I don’t know how many people a fair bit younger than me would get it. Lemonezza is a mix of lemon, lime and cola. The balance is tipping over to the more citrusy notes for me. It’s certainly not like cola with a hint of lemon and lime. If anything in the Freemax tank it tastes more like a glass of lemon and lime with a ‘slice’ of cola.

Which makes sense considering the name. Due to this it’s quite a unique flavour, with a sweet soda inhale and fairly strong lemon citrus taste lingering on the exhale. It’s a nice change from other cola e-liquids and really hits the spot if you like sweet and sour citrus vapes.

Overall Summary and Conclusion

SVC have been behind some of the UK’s most innovative and popular liquids since they were founded in 2014. It’s really great to see UK manufacturers consistently putting out fantastic e-liquids and Disco Juice is no exception to that. The taste I’m getting from the Fireluke sub-tank is excellent, so you don’t necessarily need an RDA with fancy coils to get the best from these flavours. The vapour production is smooth and voluminous with no harshness or unpleasant throat hit.

I enjoyed all four flavours in the range but Grapecrasher stood out as the highlight for me, as someone who likes a good pineapple flavour. Mango Mandy would come a close second though. Overall another fine range from the team over at SVC Labs. If you’re looking for great value, the highest UK-made quality and fantastic flavours then they won’t disappoint.

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