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Published on June 25th, 2019 | by Theo


Dotmod Petri Tank Review

Dotmod Petri Tank Review Theo
Build Quality
Vape Volume
Coil Life
Value For Money

Summary: A stunning and beautifully designed tank. Machined to the highest standards and plated in real 24k Gold. A huge choice of compatible coils. Great flavour and vapour production. A sub-tank that can be used on smaller single cell mods if you want to.


A Dotmod Classic

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Dotmod are a USA based company that specialise in beautiful and unique vaping devices. Unlike many hardware manufacturers, that churn out dozens of products very month or two, Dotmod focus on producing a very small range of high quality products each year. Dotmod products are always a pleasure to look at, hold in your hand and vape on, the Petri Tank here is no exception. A stock coil sub-tank that has both stylish looks and an exceptional, high quality 24k Gold-Plated finish.

Build quality and specifications

When you first see the Dotmod packaging you can’t help but be impressed. It’s a lot more smart, stylish and adult looking than a lot of products you typically see. This tank would make a fantastic gift just for that reason alone. Opening the box we find inside a smallish 22mm wide 36mm tall tank, a spare Pyrex glass section, a bag of spares and some coils. There’s also a spare drip tip which is a proprietary screw-on design.

Dotmod Petri Coils

The coils are a 0.5ohm Twisted Coil that’s rated for 35-40W and a 0.5ohm SS 316L Coil that’s rated for 40-50W. These are perfect coils for me, I don’t really see any point in having huge multiple coil heads that need 100w pushed through them. It just kills your mod’s battery life and usually does nothing for flavour either. The tank itself is stunning, the genuine 24k gold plating is shiny and perfectly finished, while the threading is smooth and cut better than I’ve ever seen on a sub-tank. Overall the machining on this tank is on another level. The wide-bore tip’s screw-on design means you aren’t going loose them in a hurry, you have a choice of two a black one and one that looks to be made of some kind of resin. They feel very comfortable in the mouth and are the perfect shape and size for this type of tank.

Petri Capacity and Features

The tank has a fairly small form and will hold just a hair under 2ml. The soft knurled patterns on the top and base look attractive, while also providing a subtle grip for unscrewing the top cap for filling. There’s a threaded PEEK insulator in the top cap that provides heat insulation too, which is a great idea, and a pair of adjustable slots in the base for airflow. There’s a lot of flexibility with the design, which means it should be fairly easy to adjust the airflow to suit the coil you are using. This is important because one of the best things about this tank from a functional perceptive is that it can use any coil from the Aspire Atlantis, Triton, Atlantis EVO ranges and many other coils that share this somewhat ‘standardised’ coil shape and size.

Flavour and performance

After priming the coil well, I fitted the tank with the 0.5ohm twisted coil, and filled it with some familiar liquid. The supplied Dotmod coils are gold plated too, so they look great inside the tank. It’s was a simple process and, because of the well cut and polished threads, it was a breeze to set up and fill. The flavour from the Petri is what I expected, which is excellent. The Lemon Pie tasted as I love and know it, but there was a real depth to the flavour that doesn’t always come through on other tanks. All the nuances were there that I sometimes only experience when using some of my better RTA’s. The twisted coil lasted a good couple weeks and the flavour was still coming through strong but I decided to switch it out for the other supplied coil. The 0.5ohm SS 316L, being stainless steel, is of course temperature control compatible, and I wanted to see how the tank would perform with a well set up mod in temp control. I used it like this for a day and ran the tank dry without trashing the coil so it seemed to be working well. I did however prefer the vape from this coil in standard wattage. At 40w this coil was performing even better than the other one, with a warm and very tasty vapour production. It was also surprisingly cloudy for a stock coil and only 40w of power.

Overall Performance and summary

This tank is a delight to use on a daily basis, it’s never leaked and has performed without fault. As a smaller DTL tank that doesn’t need loads of power, it’s something that isn’t that easy to find sometimes these days. I’ve been using it on my Asmodus Colossal 80W mod and it’s a perfect fit for those that don’t want to carry around a bigger mod that takes multiple batteries. Because of its compatibility with such a wide range of coils, this tank would suit a lot of different vaping styles though. Even possibly MTL with the right coil and power settings.

The price isn’t something I’ve addressed yet, you’ll either consider £49.99 a bargain for such a high quality tank or you’ll baulk at the price and go back to your Smok TFV12. Personally, I would take the Petri every time. It’s not cheap for a sub-tank, but when you consider the wide range of well priced coils available for this tank, the amazing build quality and finish, it might be worth every penny to you. I’ve no doubt that, if looked after, it may even last you a lifetime of really pleasurable, high quality vaping.

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