E-Liquids Double Drip Caramel Apple Cake Short Fill

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Double Drip Caramel Apple Cake – Review

Double Drip Caramel Apple Cake – Review adminREV
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Summary: Rich and flavoursome, combining a freshly baked sponge cake with the sweetness of caramel. True indulgence in a 50ml short fill bottle.


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Caramel Apple Cake is one from Double Drip’s Coil Sauce range and it’s firmly aimed at sub-ohm vapers with a PG to VG ratio of 20/80. That’s just the right blend to create satisfyingly thick clouds of vapour when paired with an appropriate sub-ohm equipment.

The juice comes in a 50ml bottle ready for the addition of a shot of nicotine to bring it up to the strength you like. Alternatively, you can of course use this liquid as a zero nicotine vape. Just as an example, adding 10ml of 18mg nicotine juice will create 60ml of 3mg juice, a strength favoured by many sub-ohm vapers as well as cloud chasers. And conveniently, the bottle that the Caramel Apple Cake liquid comes in has space for that 10 ml. Just add a nicotine shot and shake!

The flavour combines the richness of a freshly baked sponge cake with the sweetness of caramel. You’ll find that the initial taste as you inhale is that sweetness. But then on the exhale you’ll experience the more tart flavour of the apple. And that apple is a clever touch – without it, some might find this liquid just a little bit too sweet.

The sweetness of the cake and caramel and the slight sourness of the apple complement each other to create a well-balanced palate experience. This is not a juice for the determinedly sweet-toothed. It’s actually much more subtle than that with the fruity apple cutting through the sweet caramel to create a flavour that won’t overwhelm you with sugariness.

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