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Published on June 21st, 2019 | by Theo


The Evolution of the SMOK Stick Family

SMOK are one of those vaping giants that, if you’ve ever walked into a vape shop or bought vaping gear online, you’ve almost certainly heard of. Founded back in 2010, they’ve since created everything from the smallest pod kits up to hefty 200W+ mods but one of their most popular products are their vape pens. It gets a little confusing when a lot of their ranges share the same names – various “Baby” or “Prince” tanks and kits but the SMOK Stick range has been a great starting point for many a Sub Ohm vaper.

With so many options available it can be tricky to pick them apart and figure out what was really made for who, so we’re breaking down the SMOK Stick family tree to look at them all individually. We’ll start at the smaller kits and work our way up. While there’s been more kits in the range than what you’ll see here, all of these are still available in vape shops today.

SMOK Stick M17 – the AIO kit:

The M17 is the baby of the Stick family. Not only is it the smallest, measuring in at just 130mm in height but it also packs in a 1300mAh battery. It’s been an ideal half-way point for many vapers, whether that’s because they’re transitioning from smoking or moving into Sub Ohm vapes. The nice thing about the M17 is it’s an AIO kit, meaning you can use it for both mouth to lung vaping and direct to lung vaping. Unlike the others on the list, it doesn’t have a 510 connector so the tank doesn’t transfer to bigger mods but for most beginners this isn’t an issue. It still has the usual 2ml capacity you’d look for in an e-cig and the simple one button design.

SMOK Resa Stick and the Stick Prince Baby:

The twins of the SMOK Stick family, with similar specs but a few key differences, they’re the next step up from something like the M17. They’re both made purely for Sub Ohm vaping, both measure in with an 83mm tall battery and a 2000mAh battery. The key difference between them is the tank that comes with the kit and the coil you’d prefer to use. They’re also the first in list with fully removable tanks that can be used on other mods, thanks to the 510 connector pin.

The Resa comes with the Resa Baby tank, compatible with any of the TFV8 Baby coil range. That means anything from a 0.15ohm up to a 0.6ohm resistance is an option for you. They’ll offer a balance of flavour and vapour without needing too much power from your battery. The Stick Prince Baby is paired with the tank going by the same name (SMOK loves to keep things consistent) the TFV12 Baby Prince. This one opens up a few more coil options, going as low as 0.12ohms for even bigger clouds – if that’s what you’re into.

SMOK Stick V8

The SMOK V8 Stick is similar to its predecessors but has more battery power in a more compact package. It’s battery is only 75mm tall but has a whole lot more heft with 3000mAh for even longer vaping sessions between recharges. Paired with the TFV8 Baby tank, you’ll get the same Sub Ohm experience with the usual adjustable airflow and when you get the kit you’ve got two coil options. The pre-installed coil is 0.15ohm option made for super-charged clouds while the 0.25ohm included coil was made more with flavour in mind (though being less than 1.0ohm you’ll still get plenty of cloud too). This kit is ideal for vapers who want something that’ll last the distance while still being pretty compact for all the power it packs in.

SMOK Stick V9 Max

One of the latest and greatest of the SMOK Stick evolution is the V9 Max. The biggest battery yet, it packs in 4000mAh of power to last longer than any of the other Stick range. Aside from all of that, SMOK have managed to package all of that into a fairly modest frame with the battery measuring in at 87.8mm tall. It’s the larger model out of the Stick range so far but still small enough to take on the go, ideal for Sub Ohm vapers who use their kit all day.

The tank that SMOK have paired with this battery is the V9 Max tank. Just like the battery, this one has a large capacity too and you can pop in a glass expander to take it from 2ml to 5ml making for less refills. Especially ideal when you’ve got more battery life and when it’s paired with the low resistance 0.15ohm coils that get through juice more quickly.

SMOK Stick 80W

On a level with the V9 in terms of power is the Stick 80W kit. It’s a little larger in stature with a smaller battery, but this is the e-cig pen for vapers wanting to try out variable wattage. After you’ve been vaping for a while (and want to try different coil resistance levels) the next logical step is to play with different power settings. The Stick 80W is the ideal step between a pen kit and a box mod, with the ability to easily change your wattage without needing to invest a lot in a tank and mod.

The battery measures in at 95mm, making it the biggest pen in the range but this is mostly to accommodate the chipset. Changing the wattage is a breeze, just click the dial on the base to the output you want. It can range between 5 and 80 watts which is usually more than enough for most vapers – even with the 0.15ohm coils that come with the kit. It’ll still last you a decent amount of vaping time too with its 2800mAh battery – all round SMOK hit the nail on the head with this kit.

There have been a huge number to join the Stick ranks over the years, each slightly different but always offering up a reliable and satisfying vaping experience. The family of e-cigs ranges from introductory vapes to bigger batteries that you’d choose between depending on tank preference. The SMOK Stick kits are a reliable and affordable way to get into Sub Ohm vaping or just to use as an on the go vape.

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