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Far – Neon Red Slushie E-Liquid Review

Far – Neon Red Slushie E-Liquid Review adminREV
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Summary: A classic fruity vape that gives you a cooling hit on the exhale. Intensely sweet and well worth a try if you like your vapes sweet.


Excellent fruity vape

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Sure to bring back memories of your time in childhood sipping on frosty ice drinks during the hottest days of the summer, Neon Red Slushie from Far is an extremely cool and refreshingly flavourful take on everyone’s favourite warm weather drink. A blending of mixed red berries with subtle hints of watermelon, Neon Red Slushie is crisp, cool, and absolutely perfect as an all day vape. Powerful and potent but not overwhelmingly sweet with the delicious red berry flavour peaking mostly on the inhale and a cool icy hit on the exhale, this vape is a real winner and is perfect for anyone who loves the tart and sweet essence of blended red berries.

Containing only the blended essences of sweet summertime goodness without the addition of other flavoured undertones, Neon Red Slushie is great when paired with e-liquid varieties including citrus, vanilla, cream, and pastry, as well as just about any other dessert liquid. The light and sweet body of Neon Red Slushie is certain not to overpower the senses and makes for an absolutely fantastic to fill your tank with before a long day at work.far_e-liquid_range_2_1-1

For a pure and unadulterated take on blended red berries in the form of a sweet e-juice with a cool exhale that won’t blow away your tastebuds with overpowering strength, look no further than Neon Red Slushie from Far. Refreshingly delicious and oh so satisfying, it’s hard to go wrong with juice of a quality like this. If you’re a fan of iced slushie drinks from your local corner market, this is an e-liquid for you.

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