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Froot – Razberi E-Liquid Review

Froot – Razberi E-Liquid Review adminREV
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Summary: This is a great flavoured e-liquid. If you a fan of the sweet and shart fruit vapes then this Razberi flavour will be right up your street. very smooth vape.


Tasty raspberry flavour

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Reminiscent of a walk through a berry patch on a warm summer afternoon, Razberi is a bold and sweet raspberry e-liquid from Froot. Unlike most other berry themed vapes out there that meld the berry with a shortcake, donut, or other complimentary flavour, Razberi breaks the mold and maintains its purity as an undiluted raspberry treat that will delight the taste buds with its potent yet well balanced essence. With a blast of raspberry flavour on both the inhale and the exhale, this vape is the perfect juice for lovers of both berry and delightfully light, sweet vapes alike.

Great as a mixer with just about any other kind of e-liquid, the neutral and pure raspberry taste of Razberi is especially well complimented by vanilla, chocolate, pastry, cream, other berries, or pretty much any kind of dessert flavour out there. Also great as subtle addition to your other favorite all day dessert vapes, just a few drops of Razberi into a donut, cookie, or ice cream flavoured tank will add a nice raspberry zing and really bring something new and exciting to your palate.Froot_Razberi

With no essences of citrus or any other subtle flavour additives and singularly defined by its powerful raspberry goodness, Razberi from Froot is a pure and potent raspberry e-liquid that will have your mouth watering and almost certainly leave you coming back for more. Don’t water down your love of berries with extra unwanted flavour notes but instead pick Razberi from Froot to satisfy your cravings for red berry goodness.

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