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Published on September 24th, 2019 | by Theo


Geek Vape Bident Pod Kit Review

The Geek Vape Bident is something a little different because of its unique pods. It’s a dual coil system that has two small horizontal coils like you might use in an RTA. The kit comes in 6 different colours, 3 bright and colourful resin designs and 3 carbon fibre design. It also has adjustable fixed voltage settings. Geek Vape have been putting out some really well designed kits lately, so I have high hopes for this little pod. I’ll be testing it out with some of the new Dinner Lady shortfill liquids.

Build Quality and Specifications

The Bident kit comes with two different pods, installed is the 0.8ohm pod and the spare is 1.2ohm. It’s great that both are included so you get to try both out of the box without having to buy anything else. Outside of TPD areas the pods are 3.5ml but sadly for us in the UK we’re limited to 2ml capacity. I say sadly because the Bident is quite a cloudy little system, so it does use more liquid than similar devices.

The Bident is powered by a 950mAh battery which is fairly average for pods of this size. Inside is Geek Vape’s Micro AS chipset inside that regulates and offers the usual protection features. It has a USB-C charge port on the bottom and I found it took just under an hour to charge fully. The kit comes with a suitable charging cable and it has 1 amp charging capability. There’s an indicator LED around the fire button that can display battery life and the voltage mode you are currently in.

There’s 3 voltage selections so you can tailor the power to your own personal taste. White is 3.4V, Blue is 3.6V and green is 3.8v. The Bident uses the familiar 5 clicks to turn the device on and off. If left for 15 minutes it’ll also go into sleep mode automatically. It feels nice in the hand, no too dissimilar to the Smok Nord. It’s around 88mm tall, 32mm wide and just over 17mm thick. Perfect for slipping into a pocket. At only 68g it’s very light but it doesn’t feel cheap and the overall feel is one of some substantial quality.

Pod Flavour and Performance

The dual coil pods are obviously the unique aspect of the Bident. The coils sit side by side like they would in a dual coil RTA and they do generate a lot of vapour compared to any other small pod system that I’ve used. In both pods the coils are made from N80 Nichrome. It’s good to see companies stating the wire type clearly on the pods.

The draw for me is too loose to be considered MTL. Even on the 1.2 ohm pod, and the vapour production is far more suited to a DTL vaping style. I found both pods gave the best flavour at the highest voltage setting, it’s especially good on the 0.8 ohm pod. The 1.2 ohm coil is giving you less wattage because of the resistance. However, for me, it’s just not enough for a satisfying DTL vape. It would be more suitable for MTL but as you can’t adjust the airflow, that just doesn’t work.

The pod clips into the top of the device. It holds it in place just fine with very minimal movement between the two sections. The mouthpiece feels wider than most, it’s not uncomfortable but it took me a little while to get used to. Filling the pods is easy and mess free. The silicon bung is a good fit and didn’t leak at all in the time I was using it. I used the 0.8 ohm pod for a couple weeks and the coil was still performing well. I’m impressed by the overall performance of the 0.8ohm coil most. It’s definitely the pod I would recommend using with the Bident for the most flavourful DTL experience.

Overall Performance and Summary

As a DTL pod system, the Geek Vape Bident performs really well with a nice warm, flavourful and cloudy vape. The downside to that is you will get through that 2ml of liquid very quickly and the 950mAh battery isn’t going to last all day. For those reasons I think it’s best used as a secondary device.

If you vape on an RDA at home and are looking for something to get close to that experience while you’re out and about, this feels like the ideal situation for the Bident. It handles 70% VG liquids without any problem at all too which just reinforces that point of view. If you are looking for a MTL device I think there are better options, but for DTL I think the Bident is hard to beat.

Geek Vape Bident Pod Kit Review Theo
Build Quality
Vape Volume
Battery Life
Value For Money

Summary: More high quality from Geek Vape with the convenience of a pod kit that offers good vapour production and great flavour. A staple kit for nights out or just when you want a smaller option for on the go.


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