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Honest Hemp CBD E-Liquids

Honest Hemp is a UK brand that make a whole range of hemp and CBD products, from CBD edibles and bath bombs to e-liquids.

Established in Brighton back in 2014, they are one of the very few British growers of organic industrial hemp and a producer and supplier of cannabidiol products. Fully organic and with a sustainable and ethical business model, they have become a highly regarded and trusted name for many. Honest hemp’s CBD products are aimed at promoting well being and are completely free of THC.

The Flavours

The Honest Hemp flavoured CBD range are available in 100mg, 300mg and 600mg in 10ml bottles. I’m testing the 100mg flavours in a trusty old Kennedy RDA with a simple single 0.5ohm coil. I don’t have much experience with using CBD products but I have no doubt these UK made, lab tested products are of a very high quality. The 4 flavours I’m testing are Mango, Mint Menthol, Strawberry and Natural. Being a CBD liquid they contain no nicotine.

I started off trying the Mango first and I’m happy to say it’s a really enjoyable flavour. It’s a soft ripe mango taste with a lovely hint of orange underneath. I was a little worried that the CBD extracts would taste strong and over power the flavour but they don’t. There’s a slight herby taste in there but the fruits do stand their ground very well and it’s not a clash of flavours like I thought it might be. If this flavour was in a nicotine based liquid I could easily vape this one all day.

I tried the Natural flavour next, it tastes how I imagined it would with a natural herby, piney taste. If that’s a flavour and aroma that you enjoy then I’m sure you’d feel right at home with this. There’s a slight note of citrus on the exhale which does freshen the taste a little but for me it was just a little too herby tasting. It was very smooth and taking fairly large inhales direct to lung wasn’t in anyway harsh. I guess it’s for the purists who don’t want the hemp flavours masked in anyway but I much preferred the mango.

On to the Mint Menthol flavour, this was an interesting one and while it still has quite a lot of the herby hemp taste I much preferred it to the natural. It reminded me a lot of a peppermint herb tea. There’s some really nice fresh, cool mint notes on the inhale that also have a slight sweetness that’s reminiscent of an after dinner mint. On the exhale you get a bit more of the menthol come through and that natural herb taste from the hemp. It’s a really good combination that I found myself enjoying a lot more than I thought I would at first.

I thought I would enjoy the Strawberry the most so I saved it for last. There’s something really enjoyable and unusual about eating strawberries along with a herb like rosemary. I was hoping that the flavour of the natural hemp terpenes might work in a similar way, and it kind of does. The strawberry flavour here is very natural tasting, it’s ripe enough but it’s also a little tangy and sharp too which really does add to the authenticity. It also means that it works really well with the leafy herby flavour and overall it creates a very summery, fresh garden taste.


I can’t say I felt much effect from the CBD in these liquids but I was testing the lowest strength and on the Honest Hemp website they suggest that you need to use them for a few days before really feeling any of the benefits. If you are using CBD products already and find them useful then I would recommend these liquids based on the flavours alone. They are a professional UK company and I’m impressed with the overall quality of the products. The flavours are very good and they’ve chosen them carefully so they compliment the natural taste of the hemp rather than trying to hide or mask it. If you enjoy the natural taste of the hemp extracts then I don’t think you would be disappointed with any of them. If you don’t like it so much then I would go for Honest Hemp’s Mango CBD which has a bit more of a fruity taste than the others to me.

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Summary: An excellent range of CBD e-liquids that are certified organic and lab tested. Made to a very high quality by a trustworthy UK company. Excellent flavours that compliment the natural extracts of the hemp plant. Highly recommended for users of CBD liquids for vaping.


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