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Published on September 11th, 2019 | by Theo


Infinix – Original vs Infinix 2

The original Smok Infinix was very popular and it gave a really good mouth to lung vaping experience. It’s a slim pod-stick style device that looks a lot like the JUUL, but with refillable pods. It isn’t perfect, it has a small 250mAh battery and filling wasn’t the easiest either. It was sometimes slightly messy and, on occasion in my experience, had a leaky rubber bung. The Infinix 2 promises to improve on the original and I’m keen to see if it lives up to the claims. There’s 3 colours available at the moment, red, blue and black but I expect more colour options will follow. I have the blue one to test and my first impressions out of the box are positive.

Build Quality and Specifications

At first glance the Infinix 2 looks identical to the original. If it’s not the same it’s very very similar, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It has the same lightweight alloy body and a single LED to display battery life. The pod slots into the top and it’s an auto-draw mechanism, so there’s no buttons. The LED will start on green when charged fully then drop to orange and then red when you will need to think about recharging.

The larger battery is actually the biggest difference with the Infinix 2, giving you 450 mAh instead of the originals 250 mAh. This still might seem a little on the low side when we have 1000 mAh pod systems around, but those are much bigger and heavier devices. The Infinix is really designed to be used with high nicotine strengths, I would recommend either 20mg or 18mg even if you usually vape lower. You’re better off using a device like this less often so the battery and liquid will last you all day. I’m happy to see Smok have included two pods with the kit. They’re both the same and have a 1.4 ohm coil fitted.

The Infinix pods are disposable, and the coils are not replaceable. This could be seen as a negative but it certainly makes it a much more user-friendly device for new vapers, and it also allows the pods to be smaller. Overall the build quality is fine for what it is, a lightweight pod-system to chuck in your bag or pocket. Charging the device, via the USB in the bottom, was very quick and took less than 30 minutes.

Pod Flavour and Performance

The new Infinix 2 pods look almost identical to the originals too but there are some differences. The little rubber bung that covers the fill port seems to be upgraded slightly. It’s definitely a better fit and not as soft as before. I had no leaking at all using the Infinix 2 and getting the bung back in place after filling was a little easier too. As usual we are limited to a 2ml capacity here in the UK so no change there.

One big difference I experienced was a much better coil life overall. I actually lost count how many times I’d refilled the pod. After a couple of weeks of use it was still going strong with very little flavour or vapour drop off. I thought the flavour was very similar to the original Infinix but that was pretty amazing already and the same applies here. It’s right up there with the recent Uwell Caliburn and much better than most devices of this style. Vapour production isn’t huge but what you would expect. The overall vaping experience is a really good MTL that will suit a lot of people.

Overall Performance and Summary

I don’t have any real negatives to say about the Infinix 2. To be fair, there’s not a lot to judge it on other than how it vapes. There’s no features, no options for airflow or power, and no choice of coils. You get what you’re given in that respect. To some those things missing will be negatives but that really isn’t the point or aim of the Smok Infinix 2.

I do prefer it to the original Infinix, it’s not miles ahead in reality, but the larger battery and improved pods make it a worthy upgrade to me. It would make a perfect secondary device or even just as a back up device in case of an ’emergency’ failure of your main vape. It costs less than a couple of packets of cigarettes, so if you have a friend who wants to try vaping out, then this would be a decent choice too. It’s not fancy but it is a really good vape that’s hard to find fault with.

Infinix – Original vs Infinix 2 Theo
Build Quality
Vape Volume
Battery Life
Value For Money

Summary: Perfect as a backup e-cig, for using with CBD e-liquids or just for nights out. The improved battery and new pods make the Infinix 2 worth a look if you're on the market for an affordable MTL kit.


Infinix Upgraded

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