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Published on August 12th, 2019 | by Theo


Innokin Big Box Atlas Mod Review

Innokin Big Box Atlas Mod Review Theo
Build Quality
Battery Life
Value For Money

Summary: This is a unique and beautifully designed mod from Innokin, they've hit the nail on the head with the Atlas mod. The resin on the outside looks great and it has a distinctly retro feel.


High Powered and Stylish

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Innokin are one of the most respected Chinese vaping companies around. With a strong focus on safety and ease of use, Innokin have established their own place in the market with some excellent products that are continually recommended for new vapers. The Big Box Atlas Mod is a slightly different product for Innokin, it’s a dual 18650 box mod with a very cool and unique appearance. With 200w of available power and a price tag that’s a little over what you might usually expect for an Innokin product, it clear that this is something we’ve not seen before from the brand. It’s part of their ‘Designer Series’ and the Atlas has been designed in conjunction with Sebastian W.

Build quality and specifications

The packaging is similar to the products in the Innokin platform series, with a sleeve and inside box that opens up like a book. Overall it’s presented very nicely and immediately looks like you have something special in front of you. This isn’t a kit, so there isn’t a great deal inside. You do get a few extras though including a high quality USB cable and the usual instructions and paperwork you’d expect. What I didn’t expect was a matching 810 sized, wide bore, drip tip. It’s a very nice thing to get with a mod and  it means if you are using a suitable RDA or tank it will look perfect on the Atlas.

Output Options

As well as variable wattage, the Big Box Atlas will perform temperature control with coils made of nickel, titanium or stainless steel. Temperature can be adjusted from 300 to 600 Fahrenheit or 150 to 315 Celsius. There’s no option to enter your own TCR values but the available wattage in TC mode is adjustable. The monochrome screen is bright and clear, and while it’s quite small, I found it very easy to read and see to make adjustments. Along with clearly displaying your main power setting in either watts or temperature, there’s also a battery indicator for each battery and coil resistance. There’s no complicated menu systems to navigate, changing settings is simply a case of holding different button combinations. It takes a while to get used to but after a while it becomes a very quick and easy way to make changes.

The resin material the mod is made of feels really nice in the hand, and while some might think it looks fairly blocky, others will love its simple and classic appearance. The fire button has a nice silver finish and has a cool geometric design, the same appears on the 510 connection plate and ties it all together nicely. All the buttons are finished well and they don’t feel lose or rattly. Overall it feels exceptionally well made and looks the absolute business. It comes in a few different colourways, red, green and a purple which all have contrasting streaks of another colour in them too.

Mod Performance

The Big Box Atlas performed excellently in use. Fitting the batteries is a simple task, there’s a little notch in the bottom of the panel and you don’t need to have long nails to lift it. Once open the battery orientation is clearly marked and inserting a pair of 18650’s was not a struggle as it can be with some mods I’ve used. Taking them out is easy too thanks to a handy ribbon. The contacts are gold plated and sprung and I don’t see any issues with these in the future. There’s some really nice design features and branding inside too which I wasn’t expecting. Three clicks of the fire button will turn it on and upon attaching your chosen atomiser the mod will prompt you to select an appropriate mode to vape in.

With 200w available, there’s more than enough power for anyone. I tried the mod with a variety of atomisers and it performed perfectly, regardless of whether I was using a dual coil RDA or a simple MTL tank. There’s a ‘power boost’ mode you can activate that supplies a 20% increase in power at the start of your draw. I found this handy when using beefy coils in an RDA, as it helps keep ramp up time to a minimum. I found temperature control very easy to use and set up, using a Stainless Steel coil it was stable and consistent throughout a single draw and during the day vaping. 

Overall Summary and Conclusion

Although the Innokin Big Box Atlas isn’t a small mod, it’s very light for its size. While I wouldn’t want to carry this around in my jeans pocket it’s not so heavy that you couldn’t carry it in a jacket pocket easily. The specifications may feel fairly standard but the appeal of this mod is really the style and design. I think it looks and feels like a much more expensive mod than it is, to accentuate that feeling Innokin have even left off all their branding from the outside of the mod. Overall a unique and interesting mod that will appeal to those looking for something a little different and a little higher quality than most.

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