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Published on July 4th, 2019 | by Theo


Innokin Zlide Tank Review

Innokin Zlide Tank Review Theo
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Summary: Replicating the popular Zenith tank with a few updates, the Zlide is a mouth to lung tank from Innokin. With a few tweaks here and there to improve user experience, make for easier cleaning and leak-proof refilling, it's an affordable and highly functional tank.


Zenith vs. Zlide

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The Innokin Zlide is the latest MTL tank in the Innokin Platform Series of products. Designed in conjunction with Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis, it uses the same Z-coils as the Innokin Zenith tank but has some interesting differences in the overall design. I am a huge fan of the Zenith and have recommended it may times to smokers and existing MTL vapers. I’m very excited to see how the Zlide tank performs and how it stacks up against the Zenith.

Build quality and specifications

The presentation of all the Innokin platform products is excellent. Inside the box you will find a personal thank you message from Phil and Dimitris, very well written instructions and spare parts. The Zlide comes with a spare glass tank section, a choice of mouth piece, O-rings and a top fill sealing gasket. The coils in the box are a 1.6ohm Kanthal and a Z-PLEX3D 0.48ohm mesh coil. There’s also a QR code that will take you to video instructions if you are new to vaping and need some help setting up and using the Zlide.

The tank is a 22mm design and personally I think it’s a nicer looking tank than the Zenith. To my eye it just looks a little more refined, especially around the top where it has a more ’rounded off’ look. On the Zlide the mouthpiece acts as a lock for the sliding top fill, it’s a nice design that will stop the tank emptying in your pocket by accident. Unlike the Zenith, with the Zlide you can take the tank fully apart to clean or replace the glass section. When in place the glass section is still well protected though, which is a big plus.

The overall quality and machining is excellent, when you consider the low cost of the tank, it’s staggering how good it is. Everything looks and fits together beautifully. I have the Gunmetal and Blue finishes and both are shiny and faultless. The swirly acrylic mouthpiece finishes everything off with a bit of flair, it’s a nice touch.

Flavour and performance

Of the 2 included coils, which you prefer to use will be personal preference. Despite the low resistance of the 0.48ohm Z-Plex Mesh coil it’s still very much a MTL coil and has a recommended power range of  13-16w. The 1.6ohm Kanthal coil has a wattage range of 10-14w. So if you MTL vape around 11 or 12 watts as I do then you can happily use either. I felt the flavour was almost the same on both at 12w with the same liquid, but the Z-Plex coil does produce a little more dense vapour. If you like your vape with a little more power and kick then the Z-Plex will suit you better. Flavour is excellent with both though and the Zlide can hold its own against all but the very best RTA’s. Against MTL standards like the Aspire Nautilus, I think it stands head and shoulders above for flavour.

Filling the Zlide is a breeze and after removing the locking tip, the top is very easy to slide across to reveal the fill port. There’s been zero leaking or weeping from the tank which is how it should be; so many tanks fail here and it’s just poor, lazy design. Innokin have proven with the Zlide, and the Zenith before, that bottom airflow tanks can be leak and mess free.

Overall Performance and summary

The Zlide tank is a smart looking but nicely understated design. The only branding is a clean looking Innokin logo engraved around the airflow ring, that acts as something to grip onto when adjusting the airflow. There’s nothing here that doesn’t serve a purpose. Performance is the beating heart of any Innokin Platform Series product and both the Zlide and the Zenith knock it way out of the park. Coil replacement is a simple push in system that works so well and makes changing coils a very simple process.

If you already like the Zenith, you will love the Zlide. The vape quality from both is essentially the same so it will come down to which you prefer aesthetically and which filling system you get on with better. The Zlide is 22mm, where as the Zenith comes as a 24mm version too, which may look nicer on your mod of choice. Personally I would be happy with either, or preferably both! The price on the Zlide is under £20, which is quite frankly ridiculous, and there’s nothing here to suggest that corners have been cut to keep the price down either. A top quality tank that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a quality mouth to lung vape, especially smokers who want to start vaping with a truly exceptional product.

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