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I VG Chew Range Review

I VG Chew Range Review adminREV
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Summary: I VG have hit the nail on the head again with the Chews range. There's enough different flavour profiles for there to be something to suit everyone and they're incredibly accurate to the gum that inspired them.


Chewy Perfection

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IVG Chew are a range of chewing gum flavoured 50ml short fill e-liquids from the UK IVG vape labs. IVG have many different ranges of award winning e-liquids to their name, so you know you are getting high quality UK made liquid every time with IVG. There’s a total of four flavours in the Chew range; blended to a 70% VG / 30% PG ratio they’ll be perfect in drippers and modern sub-ohm tanks. The flavours are: Cinnamon Blaze, Tropical Berry, Peppermint Breeze and finally a mouth-watering Strawberry and Watermelon. I’ll be testing them in the trusty Kennedy 24 RDA with a pair of simple clapton coils.

Peppermint Breeze

I’m going to start with Peppermint Breeze, it’s what I first think of when I think ‘gum’ so it seems a good enough place to start as any. There’s some really nice texture to this liquid and right away it tastes different to a regular mint flavour.

On the inhale the sweet peppermint comes across bold but not overpowering and on the exhale you get some candy notes that help create the impression of the gum. There’s more layers and depth here than you might imagine and I’m even tasting some fruity notes underneath. It’s a bit like having two pieces of peppermint gum in your mouth along with one piece of fruit gum. It’s certainly different and there’s enough sweetness to let you know this is 100% a candy-style vape. I would recommend this even if you don’t usually like mint vapes, it’s different to any other I’ve tried and has a unique taste that is very nostalgic. It’s feels very familiar to me even though it’s like nothing I’ve vaped before.

Cinnamon Blaze

When I was at school there was a very popular cinnamon chewing gum available in the sweet shop near the bus stop. I’ve not seen that classic gum for years, so I presume that it’s no longer around.

Cinnamon Blaze however tastes exactly like that gum. It’s spicy and sweet, and personally, I can’t get enough of this flavour that I’ve not tasted for a very long time. Cinnamon Blaze is quite different from other cinnamon candy flavours and it’s very different to your typical cinnamon bakery. It’s actually quite hard to describe unless you’ve tasted the gum before. It has quite a kick in the cinnamon. I wouldn’t recommend this flavour unless you really enjoy spicy flavours. There’s a warming peppery note that’s really authentic and that same delicious sweetness that was in the peppermint flavour before. It’s one of the best cinnamon flavours I’ve tasted in an e-liquid without a doubt.

Tropical Berry

Tropical gum isn’t really something I’ve chewed on before, but I have no doubt that it exists and that Tropical Berry is a faithful recreation of it. It’s a delicious blend that has notes of raspberry, strawberry, mango, pineapple and a lot of others lurking in the background I expect.

It has the same gummy sweetness as the others but I feel it’s a little more hidden in this flavour. It doesn’t taste like a fruit juice though, there’s definitely something candy-like at its heart. I’m enjoying this but not quite as much as the others. It’s a great flavour as a tropical fruit vape, but it doesn’t quite say ‘gum’ in quite the same way as the others. That could just be because I don’t really buy fruit flavoured gum though. There’s a lot of liquids that do the juicy fruits thing, this is different and more enjoyable to me. I’d recommend this to anyone who enjoys sweet, mixed fruit candy e-liquids.

Strawberry and Watermelon

Back to a flavour I have tasted in gum form, Strawberry and Watermelon. IVG’s take on this flavour is pretty much spot on. The sweet gum base is present and accurate, while the candied juicy watermelon and sweet ripe strawberries are bursting with mouthwatering flavour.

The watermelon is most prominent on the inhale, while the strawberry and bubblegum notes punch through on the exhale and linger on the palate afterwards. I think this is an exceptional flavour that really showcases what a well crafted e-liquid flavour can do. If it sounds like you would like this, then don’t even think about it. It should be on your list to try without a doubt.

Overall Conclusion and Summary

These are excellent flavours from the folks over at IVG. If you are looking for liquids made right here in the UK by a company you can trust, then you are looking in the right place. The fact that you can get UK liquids this good for such a small price would have been unthinkable in the past. The Chew range is up there with the best IVG have to offer and represent some of the best value UK e-liquids around.

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