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Published on June 17th, 2019 | by Theo


Juul UK V2 Pod Review

Juul UK V2 Pod Review Theo
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Summary: Made for the UK market the new V2 pods are available in Mango Nectar, Glacier Mint, Golden Tobacco, Royal Crème, Apple Orchard and Alpine Berry. New cotton wicking material and 9mg and 18mg nicotine levels. For times when you need a small, light, compact and easy to use device, it's hard to beat.


The UK V2 Update

Juul are the biggest vaping company on the planet right now. Many UK vapers who aren’t really interested in smaller pod type devices might never have tried one, but in the US they outsell anything else e-cigarette related. They were the first company to utilise nicotine salts in higher levels and put that in a small device with a small battery capacity.

There are no 18650’s here, the Juul is small, compact and easy to use. It’s a very different vaping product to many devices on the market, a closed system that you don’t need to buy coils, liquid, batteries or anything else to use.

The pods come pre-filled and are not designed to be re-filled, the small pod was formulated to have around the same amount of nicotine as a 20 packet of cigarettes. When it ran out of liquid you just replaced it with a new one, which is as simple as it gets.

Nicotine Limits and TPD

The issue here in the UK is that by law, Juul pods cannot contain the nicotine levels that they do in the US and they first appeared post-TPD with 20mg pods. Now Juul have moved fully into the UK market and released a UK specific V2 pod with two nicotine strengths, 9mg and 18mg and an improved cotton coil for improved wicking and a consistent performance. Thankfully one thing that hasn’t changed are the flavours, so if you currently use Juul there is no need to worry about your favourites changing or disappearing. Each pod contains less than 1ml of liquid, so even with 18mg of liquid, this certainly isn’t going to work for everyone as a main device. It could however be perfect as a secondary one. As always the quality of Juul products really stands out as a well thought out product, the overall appearance is very smart and adult looking. This new packaging has ‘improved technology’ emblazoned on the front, so it is easy to distinguish from the older type.

The Original Juul

I’ve had a Juul for almost a year. I bought it originally for one specific time when I was attending a weekend seminar. It really was essential that I was discrete at possible and even my smallest MTL tanks and mods would be far too obvious, and far too much trouble to use over the weekend. The Juul seemed the obvious choice as I could slip it into my jacket pocket without worry; there was no need to take bottles of liquid or spare batteries which was exactly what I needed. I’ve used it several times since and it’s my favourite device for taking to weddings, concerts and other events. I was eager to try out these new UK V2 pods and see how they performed compared to the originals.

New 18mg Strength Pods

I tried the 18mg Alpine Berry first, it’s a really nice mixed berry flavour that has a great blend of sweet and tangy berry notes. It’s claimed that these new version of the pods have improved wicking and flavour, which sounds like a positive thing, but my initial concern was that it may use more liquid as a result. I had plans for the day which involved a bit of travelling around so I made sure the Juul was fully charged and headed out.

The Alpine Berry pod tasted as good as I remembered it, did it taste better in the new V2 pods? Without comparing directly I couldn’t say for sure, but even though the nicotine level was a little lower than my last pods it was a very full and satisfying vape. I used it throughout the day much like I used to smoke, stopping here and there for a quick puff outside buildings and when walking back to the car. Towards the end of the afternoon the LED started warning me I was low on battery, so I held back as much as I could only vaping when I really needed to and thankfully it didn’t run out of charge until I got home.

Pod Longevity

I’d used about ¾ of the pod during the daytime which surprised me, in my usual mouth to lung set up I would have probably vaped 2ml in that time. So I don’t think that these new pods are using any more liquid than before and the flavour was very good. It’s hard to explain the Juul experience if you haven’t tried it, their liquids are a unique formula and the experience vaping them is one the closest to smoking a cigarette I’ve ever had. It’s easy to see why so many smokers have switched using them. The flavour these pods produce with so little vapour is quite amazing and it proves that you don’t need massive clouds of vapour to get a good strong taste and a satisfying nicotine hit.

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