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Published on July 15th, 2019 | by Theo


Brand Review: Mad Hatter Nic Salts

Brand Review: Mad Hatter Nic Salts Theo
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Summary: The Mad Hatter nic salts are full on flavour and offer a nice variety of flavours including a mild tobacco option that would be perfect for transitioning smokers. They're very mild on the throat hit and the range has a good balance of simpler flavour profiles with more complex mixes.


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Mad Hatter are an e-liquid company you might be familiar with. They are the USA based company behind the ‘I Love Donuts’ and ‘I Love Popcorn’ liquids that were very popular a while back. These 10ml nicotine salt liquids come in a 50/50 blend and are obviously targeted at users of pods and lower powered AIO vaping devices.

There’s a total of 12 different flavours in the Mad Hatter Salts range and I have 6 of them here to try: Sweet Tobacco, Luau Lemonade, Pacific Passion, Tropical Mango, Island Squeeze and finally Juicy Apple. They only come in a 20mg nicotine for the UK market, so I’ll be testing them in the Voopoo Drag Nano Pod Kit, which they should be ideally suited for.

Pacific Passion

There’s a great smell coming from the Pacific Passion bottle as I open it, it reminds me of a Pina Colada vape I used to like years ago. It doesn’t taste quite like that but there’s plenty of juicy pineapple and coconut in it which does give it a similar vibe.

There’s also a ripe strawberry note which is sweet and really comes through on the exhale. It’s quite a creamy taste overall which gives a nice impression of a coconut milk based fruit cocktail. Despite the name there isn’t any passion fruit in this, it’s a pineapple, coconut and strawberry blend with a creamy base. It’s not a very common combination and it works well. If this sounds like something you would enjoy, I expect that you’ll love this one. The coconut element works really well for me.

Island Squeeze

Moving on to Island Squeeze, Mad Hatter’s names for these liquids are really starting to throw me. I was expecting an orange based vape, because of the word ‘squeeze’ and the fact it’s in orange coloured packaging, but it’s not anything of the sort, it’s a kiwi fruit, strawberry and guava blend.

After being shocked at the flavour I wasn’t expecting and having to look up what it actually was, I started to really enjoy it. Kiwi is the most dominant flavour by far, the ripe strawberries adding a nice top note, while the guava sits somewhere underneath. It’s a very decent tropical fruit blend and if you like kiwi fruits, then I would highly recommend this one.

Luau Lemonade

Luau Lemonade is again, not what you might expect. There’s a lemonade style base here for sure but it’s also a pineapple and melon vape. Google tells me Luau is a traditional Hawaiian party or feast, so I guess that makes sense.

For me the pineapple is quite dominating, with some nice juicy watermelon aftertaste. The lemon citrus top notes make it very refreshing overall and it’s a good tropical blend, but probably not what most of us in the UK think of being a lemonade flavour. I’d recommend this to fans of pineapple flavours, but not necessarily fans of lemonades.

Tropical Mango

Tropical Mango is a mix of mango, pineapple and coconut, and to me it tastes quite similar to Pacific Passion. It has the same tangy pineapple note, the creamy coconut is there on the exhale too but this time we have the mango rather than the strawberry.

Like Pacific Passion I’m really enjoying the coconut element but I could have done without the pineapple in this one. So far these all feel like similar variations of a tropical cocktail. The good thing is if you enjoy any of the above, then you will love all the others too, so with that in mind I can easily recommend any of these to tropical fruit mix fans, especially if you enjoy good pineapple and coconut flavours.

Sweet Tobacco

On to something completely different next with Mad Hatter Sweet Tobacco. Right off the bat I can tell you this is a dessert-type tobacco. If you are used to vaping quite strong or dry tobacco flavours then this might not even taste like tobacco to you.

There’s a creamy vanilla custard exhale and the tobacco is very nutty, biscuit and caramel-like. I’m sure there’s many people who don’t like tobacco vapes that would still enjoy this. To be honest I’m really enjoying it too, but it did take me a while to get used to the fact it didn’t taste of tobacco, to me anyway. If you like flavours that are sweet, dark and nutty I would recommend this, don’t be put off by the tobacco name.

Juicy Apple

The last one I have to try is Juicy Apple and I’m really hoping it doesn’t have pineapple in too. I just want this to be apples, please!

Thankfully Juicy Apple does exactly what it says on the tin and delivers a sweet, crisp and juicy apple taste with nothing else added. It’s a really good strong flavour and is perfect in the little Drag Nano. If you are looking for a really nice all day apple vape for your pod then this is the one to try first.

Overall Conclusion

The flavours on offer in the Mad Hatter Salts range are really good and they work great in a small low powered device. The 20mg salt nicotine is smooth and provided enough nicotine for me for quite a while in just a few puffs. I had to wait a while between testing each flavour because I couldn’t vape that much nicotine in a short space of time. Being nicotine salts the throat hit is very low, which will either be a massive positive or a negative. If you find vaping higher nicotine freebase irritating on the throat, then you’ll enjoy the really smooth vapour. Overall Mad Hatter salts are giving UK vapers another choice of high-quality nicotine salt liquids and I think many pod and micro AIO users will really enjoy them.

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