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Published on May 20th, 2019 | by Theo


Nasty Juice Nic-Salt Range

Nasty Juice are a brand that’s been well known and well regarded by vapers for a while now. Hailing from Malaysia they first arrived in the UK with a range of sweet and tasty fruity e-liquid flavours that sub-ohm vapers couldn’t seem to get enough of. Not content to rest on that success with their short fill offerings, they’ve now turned their hand to a slightly different market so that all vapers can enjoy their unique range. Blended to a 50/50 VG/PG mix, the new nasty nic salts range is clearly aimed at mouth to lung vapers and users of modern pod systems. Nasty Juice Nic Salts would be ideal for when a stealthy vape is preferable to blowing gigantic clouds.

The Flavours

Available in both 10mg and 20mg, I’m testing the 20mg flavours in the new Innokin Z-Biip Kit. The 8 flavours in the range are Asap Grape, Slow Blow, Cush Man, Bad Blood, Silver Blend, Trap Queen, Hippy Trail and Bronze Blend.

Starting with the 2 tobacco flavours, Silver Blend and Bronze Blend, I usually enjoy tobacco flavours in lower powered devices. Silver Blend is a delightful mix of  Tobacco and Vanilla Custard, to those who have never tried dessert type tobaccos this might sound like a strange combination but it really works. The tobacco is quite rich and has some pleasant dark and light tobacco notes, the vanilla is mild but really starts to come through on the exhale, adding some extra interest to the flavour. The custard element really helps smooth out the exhale and adds a creamy texture to what otherwise could be quite a dry tobacco. Overall this is a very satisfying vape and would be ideal for someone transitioning from smoking.

Bronze Blend is a Tobacco and Caramel combination. The tobacco notes are very similar to the Silver Blend but there seems to be a little extra nuttiness on the exhale, but it’s the sweet caramel that really steals the show here. It’s blended perfectly with the tobacco flavour so it doesn’t hide those rich tobacco notes. It really shines through on the exhale where the delicious soft caramel flavour coats your tongue in a soft, sweet, buttery, caramel taste. Both these tobaccos are done exceptionally well and are bursting with rich and smokey flavours that would satisfy even the most fussy tobacco flavour fan.

Moving on to some familiar ‘low mint’ fruit flavours that Nasty Juice are known for: ASAP Grape, Trap Queen, Slow Blow, Cush Man and Bad Blood. Anyone who’s familiar with Nasty Juice will have probably tried some if not all of these flavours already. Before we get into each flavour I’ll say now that these have pretty much the same taste as the higher VG short fill bottles. It’s obviously a slightly different vaping experience and I find the minty exhale slightly less apparent in the pod system but they managed to perfectly capture the core flavour of each of the original liquids.

Asap Grape is a very popular flavour and it’s easy to see why, it’s a brilliant recreation of a ripe, juicy grape taste and the low mint gives you a really refreshing exhale that would make an easy all day vape to carry around in a pod. It’s a flavour that’s really hard to get tired of and it’s my pick of the bunch of these fruit flavours. Trap Queen is a classic ripe strawberry flavour that is probably one of the most realistic strawberry flavours I’ve tasted, however it’s a little strong in taste to be truly authentic for me. If you like strawberry and wish the flavour packed a little more punch than many on the market then this would be a must buy.

Slow Blow is a complex blend of lime soda and fresh pineapple. It’s quite tangy and there’s a nice separation between the two with a juicy pineapple inhale and a sharper zesty lime note on the exhale.

Bad Blood is a very potent blackcurrant flavour. Personally I find this a bit too strong for my tastes, it reminds me of undiluted Ribena. But like Trap Queen if you find blackcurrant flavours lacking usually then this will be perfect for you. There’s certainly no skimping on flavour in the Nasty Juice house! Cush Man is a Mango flavour that I really enjoyed. It’s a sweet liquid that has a really exceptional mouth feel and a genuine mango taste. This will be a perfect vape for the summer and it has a great refreshing taste on the exhale.

Last but not least is Hippy Trail, I’d never tried this flavour before and I wasn’t sure what to expect from the name! It’s a zesty citrus blend with a main taste of lemon and lime. There’s both sweet and sharp notes which seem to stand out differently on each exhale. For a while all I could taste was the sharp limes but a little later it was a sweet sugar dipped lemonade taste that dominated. There’s a surprisingly layered effect with this liquid which could appear simple at first. Overall I really enjoyed it and would make a good all day vape for someone who prefers a lighter, citrusy fruit vape.


The nicotine salts in these liquids provide a good nicotine strength for use in a small device, a pod fill will last a good part of the day if not all of it. The nicotine hit from them is really good and I found that after a few puffs on the Innokin Z-Biip, I could put it in my pocket for quite a while without needing to take it out every 10 minutes like I do with some lower strength liquids. Being nicotine salts the throat hit is almost non-existent which makes a very easy vape and they would be ideal for someone who struggles to get a balance between having enough nicotine and vapour that doesn’t feel harsh to inhale. Being a 50/50 blend the amount of vapour is moderate and perfect for times when a little discretion is needed to vape.

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