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Published on September 18th, 2019 | by Theo


Nasty Juice Shisha Series Review

Nasty Juice started in Malaysia but quickly became a worldwide brand and a firm favourite in the UK. Known best for their sweet and vibrant fruit and mint flavours, the new Shisha Series has four flavours inspired by the flavours of shisha smoking, or bubble pipes as I call them. There’s four flavours in the range: Grape Raspberry, Double Apple, Lemon Mint and Green Grape. I have no idea whether these flavours are authentic to what you might find in a shisha pipe, so I’ll just be judging them for what they are. They come in 50ml short-fill bottles and are a 70VG blend, I’ll be testing them out in an Iconic RDA from Wotofo with a pair of simple clapton coils.

Grape Raspberry

I’ll be trying Grape Raspberry first, the smell from the bottle has a great aroma and if it tastes anything like it smells I already know I’m going to love it. It’s surprising how much of a full bodied flavour it is, it’s almost like a non-alcoholic wine, very rich, fruity and a little earthy. The sweetness comes mainly from the raspberry, it’s ripe and juicy and acts as a top note layer in the flavour. Grape Raspberry doesn’t have the lightness of some fruit vapes and would suit someone who’s looking for something with a bit more depth without needing to add cream or custard elements. Overall it’s an impressive blend that is really quite different to anything I’ve had before. It’s sweet with a hint of sour and some fresh tanginess that really hits the spot.

Double Apple

Double Apple is a concept I’m familiar with, you take a crisp, slightly sour green apple and pair it with a sweeter and softer red apple. To me this Shisha Double Apple is more like a fresh apple juice. It doesn’t really have the texture of apple but instead gives more of a smooth, juice experience. You definitely get the more sour and sweeter apple notes and they are layered really nicely, with the crisper green taste lingering on the palate when you exhale. If you like drinking fresh apple juice and want a similar taste to vape then I’d highly recommend this.

Lemon Mint

I must admit I wasn’t too sure about Lemon Mint at first, I’m not the biggest mint fan and I usually like my lemon in a sweet pie, but this one did start to grow on me. The lemon is very authentic and again it has a juice-like quality. It’s quite sour and tastes something like a traditional lemonade. On the exhale there’s a fairly strong hint of mint. Again, it’s very authentic and very much a fresh mint leaf taste. There seems to be something adding some cooling too but that could just be the mint itself. It’s a very refreshing tasting liquid and I think it would make a great all day vape. It’s probably quite an acquired taste but I found the more I vaped it the more I liked it.

Green Grape

The last flavour I have to try is Green Grape. This one reminds me of a grape juice too, it’s not overly sweet and has a very clean, crisp taste. Like the red grape in the first flavour I tried there’s a lot of body here too. In some ways it’s a simple flavour and would probably work very well as a MTL liquid with a PG nicotine shot. This flavour doesn’t excite me too much but it is a very good grape flavour with no candy or over-sweet elements, so I’m sure it will appeal to fans of authentic grape flavours.

Overall Conclusion and Summary

Overall I think Nasty Juice have created a line that will have mass appeal. The Shisha Series is quite different to what I’ve tasted from Nasty Juice before. It’s good to see them coming out with something that’s less sweet and isn’t full of menthol as some of the previous lines were. The flavours are bold and have great vapour production as you would expect. Out of interest I also tried a couple of my favourite flavours in a Zenith Tank with a 0.5 ohm plexus coil and they performed really well in that too, with the flavours still coming through strong and vibrant.

Nasty Juice Shisha Series Review Theo
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Summary: The usual high quality and flavourful experience you'd expect from Nasty Juice. These are simple profiles done very well and will be popular with anyone who's usual go to is a fruity vape.


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