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Rachael Rabbit Nicotine Salt Review

Rachael Rabbit is a new range of flavours from UK e-liquid manufacturer Jack Rabbit Vapes. Established in 2015, they’ve released some deliciously unique and complex flavours that I’ve really enjoyed. Jack Rabbit has a reputation for creating some of the best layered liquids around. The different flavour notes come through on the inhale and exhale of your draw.

The Rachael Rabbit line has three flavours at the moment. They’re blends of multiple fruits and I’m hoping they are as  complex, authentic and delicious as what they’ve created before. I have the nicotine salt version of these flavours but they are also available as short-fills. The Salt versions come in 10ml bottles and are a 50/50 blend with a 20mg nicotine strength. I’ll be testing them out in the Uwell Caliburn pod system which I think is the kind of device that this type of liquid works the best in.

Lemon, Pear and Raspberry

The first flavour I’m trying is Lemon, Pear and Raspberry, which sounds great and smelt fantastic as I filled the little pod up. First thoughts are that the lemon note is really good. It’s zesty and fresh and has a genuinely authentic taste. If I didn’t know better I would think this was real, slightly sweetened lemon juice. The raspberry feels like it’s sat on top of the lemon and provides a slightly sour top note.

It reminds of of a raspberry milkshake syrup. Not all that authentic but really delicious, it’s how I like raspberry to taste. On the exhale a lot more of the pear starts to come though. It’s balanced really nicely and adds some softer texture to the liquid. An element I wasn’t expecting is the hint of cooling on the exhale, it’s not overly dramatic but it’s there and helps create a freshness to the overall profile. I can’t say anything bad about this flavour, it delivers on what it promises and it’s a surprisingly complex flavour for using in a simple pod device, but it really works. Pear isn’t a flavour that you find in a lot of liquids so it’s great to see it being used here to such great effect.

Orange, Mango and Passion Fruit

Next up I’m trying Orange, Mango and Passionfruit which is also ticking my taste-buds before I’ve even started vaping on it. This one has quite a tropical vibe and on the inhale the orange is very present. It’s fresh and juicy and has just the right amount of tang and bite. The mango is a lot less in your face and provides a softer, sweeter note underneath. It works really well with the more citrusy notes on the top. The passion fruit comes over really well in the exhale and adds an exotic, tarty edge. It has the same cooling element too which I feel works even better here. So far I’m tasting really unique flavours that are bursting with fruit notes even in this little Caliburn pod.

Pomegranate, Kiwi and Watermelon

The last Rachael Rabbit flavour is Pomegranate, Kiwi and Watermelon. I’m really excited about this one as I love Pomegranate, but it’s not a flavour I see in liquids often. I’m happy to say that the folks over at Jack Rabbit Vapes have done an amazing job. The Pomegranate has all the sharpness and sour notes you would expect. Again they’ve paired that with something a little softer tasting with the kiwi fruit, which works really well. The icing on the cake here though is the cool watermelon. It bursts though on the exhale and adds loads of mouthwatering juiciness. It’s a fantastic sensation that isn’t always something you can get in a pod system. Pomegranate, Kiwi and Watermelon is another great flavour that all fruit fans will be excited by.

Overall Conclusion and Summary

In conclusion I would highly recommend the Rachael Rabbit range of liquids. They are aromatic, delicious and fresh tasting, with a really authentic fruit taste. The flavours are ones you won’t find elsewhere and their uniqueness helps them stand apart from many other lines. If anyone still needs convincing that the UK can make fantastic e-liquids then I urge you to give these a try, or any of Jack Rabbit’s other flavours.

The nicotine salts are super smooth as you would expect and the sweeteners are really under control in these flavours too. They have just enough sweetness to make them taste like the fruits they are supposed to be and not make you feel like you are vaping a bag of sweets. The Rachael Rabbit range represents high quality, complex, authentic and delicious fruit flavours, they are highly recommended if you are looking for top draw fruit flavours for your pod.

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Summary: Jack Rabbit have shown they aren't just about desserts with this range. Rachael Rabbit is a delicious and diverse range of fruit e-liquids that any fruit fan will love.


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