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Published on May 14th, 2019 | by Theo


Sinuous Ravage Mod by Wismec

The Sinuous Ravage by Wismec is a compact yet powerful device with a whole host of features, boasting a maximum output of 230w from a pair of 18650’s. The Ravage might not be a ground breaking design, being very similar in style to the older Wismec Predator, but it does attempt to address some of the shortcomings of its predecessor with some important updates. It comes in 4 standard colours: red, blue, silver, black and also some rainbow and multi-coloured options.

Build Quality and Specifications

The Wismec Sinuous Ravage has a pretty impressive specs list that easily keeps up with the competition. Starting with the all important screen, it’s a full colour display that’s almost an inch and a half square. It’s bright and sharp looking which really does help with the navigation of all the menu options. It has a digital clock and a puff counter as well, which are both very welcome. The menu system has been updated since the Predator and it struck me as being a lot more user friendly than the older Wismec mods I’ve had in the past, which could be a little awkward to navigate at times. Another welcome addition is a small button above the fire bar that can be used to cycle through modes without needing to enter the menu at all.

The paint finish on the mod is excellent. I have the red version and it’s a beautiful metallic, shiny finish that’s isn’t showing any signs of flaking or even scratching, it appears to be very tough and well applied. The battery door works fine and it’s very easy to open and close, when shut with the batteries in there are no ugly gaps and everything fits nice and snug. The fire bar makes this mod very comfortable to use, it’s a simple case of giving the mod a gentle squeeze in your hand and it works equally well for left or right hand use. It also has a reassuring click when depressed.

Wismec state that the mod has 2A fast charging, but I would always recommend charging your batteries externally with a high quality charger if possible. However if you are caught in a pinch then it’s good to know that you could give it a quick charge to get you home via the USB.

One welcome upgrade on this newer model is the redesigned and centred 510 connection. Wismec have had some issues in the past with their 510’s, but it appears that they have listened and made a significant change in this area. This new connection feels solid and sturdy, I gave it a good wiggle and a forceful yank and it seems that this isn’t going anywhere soon. I tried several tanks and RDA’s and they all sat flush on the 510 plate. Because of its centred position the mod will accommodate an atomiser up to 28mm without any issue.

After turning the mod on with the familiar 5 clicks, it’s a simple 3 clicks to access the main menu. It’s all very self explanatory and using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons (or up and down if you prefer) it’s just a case of selecting your choice with a click of the fire bar. Entering the modes section you get the familiar choice of power (wattage), temp control and TCR. Temp control has defaults for Ni200, Ti, and SS316 wire and seemed to work just fine in the SS setting I tested it in. There’s also options to set the clock and pre-heat function.

Mod Performance and Summary

The Sinuous Ravage mod feels really good to use and I found myself enjoying it a lot. It looks absolutely fantastic and pictures don’t really do the finish or display justice. It’s not often I get comments about the gear I’m using but a couple of friends did mention its smart looks, it’s certainly eye catching and looks like an expensive piece of kit. Any modern sub-ohm tank would look absolutely at home on top of the mod and my 25mm red anodised RDA looked perfect too. The power delivery feels smooth and accurate up to 100w (which is the highest I would ever use it at) and it performed equally as well at 12w with a MTL tank. Battery life seems good and there was no noticeable difference in run time to other popular mods I have. The fire bar feels very responsive and there’s never any noticeable delay when you want to vape. It always surprises me how small dual battery mods are getting these days, it’s not that long ago when they were just too big and heavy to comfortably carry in a trouser pocket but that really isn’t the case here. The Wismec Sinuous Ravage is light and its slender shape makes it a perfect mod to carry around with you. If you go easy on the power and vape around 50w or under, there’s no reason why this wouldn’t last most, if not all, of the day on a single charge. This mod is solid as a rock and there’s no rattle from the bar or buttons, overall it feels like a well made and put together device. If you are in the market for a new mod you could do a lot worse than this Wismec mod and I think it’s a very solid choice in this very competitive area. If the style appeals then I have no reason not to recommend it.

Sinuous Ravage Mod by Wismec Theo
Build Quality
Battery Life
Value for Money

Summary: A great mod from Wismec and one of their best that I've tried for quite a while. It's well made and would make an excellent choice as your next upgrade. It performs well and offers great quality at a reasonable price.


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