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Published on February 13th, 2019 | by Theo


SMOK Mag Grip Vape Kit Review

SMOK Mag Grip Vape Kit Review Theo
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Summary: A unique and fairly high powered single-cell kit, the SMOK Mag Grip is the latest in the Mag range and has a few nifty updates.


Trigger Finger Ready

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It’s been a while since we last reviewed anything from SMOK so this time round we’ve got the Mag Grip vape kit. The latest in the Mag line, it’s a single cell kit with up to 100 watts of output. It joins the ranks of the Mag Baby and Mag 225W kits. Sitting somewhere in the middle of the two original kits, we’ll have a look to see whether it’s much different in terms of design and performance to the original.

Mag Grip build quality and specs:

In terms of the specs, it’s a nice little kit. You only need one battery for this kit and can choose from an 18650, 20700 or 21700. If you use an 18650 you’ll need the adapter and output is limited to 85 watts max. Changing the battery is a novelty, you just press the Mag button on the side and the “clip” pops out. You drop your battery into the mag then click it back into place like a clip in a gun.

SMOK really got the ergonomic design right with this one. It sits in your hand comfortably and the design means you can use either hand to vape. Rather than pressing the firing button with your thumb, it’s a literal “trigger finger” layout, so you vape with your index finger.

SMOK Mag Grip silver

The screen is smaller than on the original. Unlike most SMOK mods the display isn’t on the side panel. It’s still bright and easy enough to read and has the usual information like a puff timer, resistance, battery life and output. The puff time takes up more space than it really needs to but other than that, no complaints.

You might find it a bit weighty, especially considering it’s a single cell set up. According to the SMOK website, the Mag Grip weighs in at 252 grams for the mod alone (before you even put the battery in). Not a major as it makes it feel a little more luxury but perhaps not the best option for putting in your pocket.

TFV8 Baby V2 Tank performance:

Like with many SMOK models, they often use the same names. You get the the Mag Grip (following on from the Mag and Mag Baby…) paired with the TFV8 Baby V2 tank. By and large, the main difference between the V2 and the original is the coils. It has the same clicky button on top to open it up for refilling and dual adjustable airflow.

Unlike plenty of other SMOK tanks, it actually didn’t leak. You get great flavour performance from the coils from mid-range wattage. You get two coils in the kit, both 0.15ohm but one is a Mesh coil, the other a Quad coil. I prefered the Mesh coil purely because I find ramp up time is quicker, there’s less break in and they last longer. The sweet spot for both coils seemed to be around the 60-65 watt range. They can spit a little if you don’t vape them at a high enough level too.

The Mag Grip overall performance:

Flavour is very good and the coils seem to last a lot longer than plenty of SMOKs other options. SMOK have a tendency to release new kits a lot but as this isn’t the first mod in the Mag range, it seems to be more refined than the others. I tend to prefer dual cell mods just for the longevity of the battery but the fact you can use a 20700 or 21700 negates this a little.

Even if you drop it, it seems pretty resilient. The paint job is very nicely done and no chips so far. All in, it’s a pretty tidy (albeit weighty) kit. You’ll get good flavour, decent performance in an unusual looking package. If you’re on the market for something a little unique – the Smok Mag Grip 100W kit might be for you.

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