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Published on July 9th, 2019 | by Theo


SMOK Mico vs Smoking Vapor Mi Pod

SMOK Mico vs Smoking Vapor Mi Pod Theo
Build Quality
Vape Volume
Battery Life
Value For Money

Summary: While there are a few similarities, the Mico has more pod options and despite the smaller battery you still get plenty of vaping time. The pods are flavourful and long lasting as well as giving off plenty of vapour.


A More Affordable Mi Pod

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The new SMOK Mico pod system has no doubt taken a few design cues from Smoking Vapor’s Mi Pod and at first glance they do look extremely similar. I’m curious to find out if they are in reality much of the same thing or if the vape experience is entirely different with SMOK’s offering. If you are interested in either device then read on as I’ll be weighing up the positives and negatives of both in a head to head ‘VS’ battle. Let’s find out which will come out on top.

Build quality and specifications

Lets start with what both systems come with in the box. Aside from the devices themselves there’s two pods, a USB cable for charging, a user manual and a lanyard to hang the devices around your neck if you really want to. It’s all very similar for both, and what you might expect inside the boxes. No surprises really. While the Mi Pod has a small button and the usual 5 clicks to turn the device on and off, the SMOK Mico has a two position switch.

I think the switch makes more sense on these kind of devices, they are both ‘draw to activate’ devices so there’s really no need for a button and the switch is quicker and easier to use. The SMOK Mico has a 700 mAh battery while the Mi Pod has a 950 mAh in battery, so the Mi Pod should last a little longer before the need to charge. Both systems are very small, the Mi Pod is a little larger than the SMOK Mico but it is a little thinner too. Both are very light and I don’t think it would matter which you choose in that regard.

Pod Options

On to the pods, the Mi Pods are 2ml while the SMOK Mico’s are a slightly smaller capacity at 1.7ml. The Mi comes with two 1.3 ohm Mi pods; the SMOK comes with a 1.0 ohm standard coil and a 0.8 ohm mesh coil pod. There’s also a 1.4 ohm coil available separately for the SMOK Mico, but that option isn’t included in the kit. The SMOK Mico does obviously have more options for coil resistance, which on a fixed voltage device might be a good thing.

I think the Mi Pod feels a slightly higher build quality overall, but it is the more expensive of the two. The SMOK Mico however feels slightly nicer in the hand to me.

Pod flavour and performance

I’m going to compare the 1.3 ohm Mi pods with the SMOK 1.0 ohm pod first as I think they should be the most comparable. The SMOK Mico has a noticeably higher vapour production, while some might prefer that, it does make it less stealthy and will use more e-liquid per-puff than the Mi Pod. Considering it already has a smaller tank capacity this could be a negative. But I did prefer the taste and vapour density from the SMOK device with the 1.0 ohm coil. So I guess, as they say, it’s swings and roundabouts.

The actual draw on both systems is what I would describe as loose MTL that should suit all but the people who like a very tight MTL draw. It’s also possible to do a restricted straight to lung hit on both. I think the SMOK is a little easier for that and even easier to do using the optional 0.8ohm mesh coil, however I did find the performance overall of that coil a little disappointing. The lifespan wasn’t great and it seemed to burn out quite quickly. I would certainly recommend sticking with the 1.0 ohm coil with the SMOK Mico or trying out the 1.4 ohm version.

Overall Performance and summary

There’s no doubt these compact pod devices have their place in the market, although I always feel that they are best used as a secondary device to something else. I honestly couldn’t see myself using either of these all the time. However they are perfect to use while driving, on the beach, at a concert or something like that. For that purpose I don’t think you can really go wrong with either.

The Smoking Vapour Mi Pod is the nicest looking to me and with a larger battery and larger capacity pod, there’s a lot going for it. However the SMOK Mico is £10 less expensive and you get 3 pods in a pack of replacements for just a little more than the Mi’s twin pack. So the SMOK is much better value, especially if you will only be using it occasionally. I felt the SMOK had a little nicer flavour with the Dinner Lady 50/50 lemon tart I was testing them with too.

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