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SMOK Priv M17 Review

SMOK Priv M17 Review adminREV
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Summary: The functionality and simplicity of a vape pen is combined with the design of a slim box mod. A classic SMOK set up with plenty of colour options for the discerning vaper.


Vape pens meet box mods

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Another kit from SMOK, but this time something a little different – the functionality and size of a vape pen but in a mod and tank design. With fixed output of up to 60 watts and a 1200mAh battery it’s super slim and combined with a slim SMOK Stick tank. It’s another Sub Ohm device aimed at beginner vapers but with so many on the market, how does it compare?

Visually, it’s a nice looking kit. It comes in multiple colours so you’re not stuck to the usual black or stainless steel you might find in other brands. Being fixed output means it’s very minimalistic, no buttons or screen, just the firing button to switch the vape on and to activate it.

It’s definitely small enough to be easily portable, measuring in at just 125mm tall including the tank. It still has the lateral firing bar you’d expect from SMOK, as well at the swivel top lid on the tank to make refilling easy. The 1200mAh battery is adequate for light vapers, but if you’re someone who vapes on and off all the time you’ll definitely need to charge it at some point throughout the day.  However, with the micro-USB port you expect on internal battery vapes you can easily plug it into your computer while you’re at work so this might not be a huge issue for some. Because the mod has no screen and the only indication it’s firing is the little LED light it’s a good stealth vaping option and it’s small enough to fit discreetly in your hand.

When it comes to the tank, it can take either a 0.6 Ohm or 0.4 Ohm coil. The pre-installed coil you get with the kit is the 0.6 Ohms so if you’re getting used to Sub Ohming, you can always drop to the 0.4 for increased clouds later on. Combined with the maximum output of 60 watts from the mod you get a moderate level of comfortably cool vapour. The airflow is something that lets the tank down a bit as it only has two holes, one on each side of the tank. Essentially you can only easily set it at completely open, half open or closed. Airflow is fine but borderlines more on a restricted draw than an airy pull you’d expect from other SMOK tanks. Compared to the usual slots rather than holes it’s probably fine for someone new to Sub Ohm vaping who is used to a more restricted draw. However, because of the the more restricted airflow the flavour is more intense, even when you’re using higher VG liquids, which makes up for it.

All in all, it’s a good quality, easy to use e-cig that’s definitely a solid option for newer vapers looking for something with a little more power and cloud than a mouth to lung device. Comparable to plenty of more conventional pen vape designs, if you want something simple but with more of a mod setup, it could be for you. The restricted draw tank is a good halfway point between entry level kits and more powerful Sub Ohm devices and enough flavour to be a satisfying vape.

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