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Solt Nic Salt E-Liquid Review

Solt Nic Salt E-Liquid Review adminREV
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Summary: The new flavours from Solt bring a few new offerings to the table as well as some more familiar notes in the form of Sweet Tobacco and Spearmint. If you're looking for a lower strength nic salt too, they're worth a look.


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Solt are a UK based e-liquid brand that specialise in making nicotine salt based e-liquids for use in pods, AIO and lower powered MTL tanks. Nicotine salt e-liquids will provide a smooth inhale at higher nicotine levels, so they work really well for people that need higher nicotine strengths but find regular nicotine liquids hard on the throat. All Solt liquids are made to very high standards in the UK and are available in 10mg and 20mg nicotine strength. There’s a wide range of flavours available and I have five of their new ones to try out in the 10mg strength. I’ll be testing them in an Innokin Zlide tank with the 1.4ohm MTL coil.

Melon Nic Salt

I’ve been enjoying melon flavours lately, so I’m starting with Solt’s Melon. The flavour is full and there’s some nice layers coming through in the flavour. There’s a really succulent main note of sweet Honeydew that tastes like it’s been combined with some softer peach notes.

It’s a great combination that’s working really well in the Zlide tank. Melon vapes can taste a little watery sometimes, but the peach here adds some body and pulpy texture into the liquid. Overall it’s a very enjoyable fruit flavour, that melon fans will especially enjoy. I could see this being popular with all fruit vape fans though, it’s sweet and really tasty.

Super Fruits Nic Salt

I’m going to try Super Fruits next, I’m not really sure what to expect here but it smells wonderful as I open the bottle. It tastes mainly of a berry mix, there’s notes of blackcurrant, cherry and raspberry and other fruits that come across as something close to Vimto.

There’s some soft apple in the background that adds some nice texture and finish. There’s also some spicy notes too, some anise and a kick of menthol at the end. I’m really enjoying this one, it’s somewhat similar to other menthol and berry flavours but there’s enough here to make it a unique tasting e-liquid.

Black Ice Nic Salt

Black Ice is a blackcurrant and menthol blend, to me this is more of a winter flavour as it reminds me of blackcurrant menthol sweets. The blackcurrant here is a sweet and slightly tangy taste which is fairly authentic, but it does fall on the side of a candy-type flavour.

It does work really well with the menthol though and it’s coming across as a full and punchy flavour at the low power I’m vaping at. This one is good enough to make me consider trying flavours like this more often. It’s very enjoyable and I can see myself vaping this a lot when the weather cools down and we are back to the UK’s miserable winter months.

Spearmint Nic Salt

I’m not always the biggest fan of plain mint flavours but Solt’s Spearmint is really tasty, it’s a sweet and candy-like mint flavour that works really well after a meal. It doesn’t come across as too strong and neither does it taste like toothpaste or mouthwash like some mints do.

There’s a nice body to the flavour too, which really helps it feel like you are sucking on a sweet mint. It reminds me of the spearmint chews I used to get in the Woolworth pick and mix. If you like simple sweet mint flavours in your pod or AIO then this is a really good one that you should try.

Sweet Tobacco Nic Salt

Finally I have Sweet Tobacco, this would be a great flavour for ex-smokers who have just switched to vaping. It’s quite a light, golden tobacco, it reminds me of a Virginia or something along those lines, so nothing too dark or rich.

There’s some nice leafy notes and it has a freshness that a lot of heavier tobaccos don’t have. It’s called Sweet Tobacco and it is indeed sweet, but it doesn’t distract from the tobacco notes. If you are looking for a new salt nicotine based tobacco, then I would recommend giving Solt Sweet Tobacco a try, it’s an easy vape that’s light enough to use as an all day vape.

Overall Conclusion and Summary

Overall all these Solt flavours come across very well in a modern MTL tank like the Zlide. I tried a couple of them in a smaller pod too and the flavours still came over full and satisfying. It’s great that Solt offer them in both 10mg and 20mg as some people don’t need the full strength 20mg version. I would probably use the 10mg in a tank and the 20mg in smaller pods devices when I’m out and about. They produce a good amount of vapour for a 50/50 liquid and the nicotine salts are smooth and satisfying. I think Solt are probably one of the best UK brands around for salt-based flavours and I’d recommend them to anyone who needs a high quality all day liquid for their pod system.

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