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Published on October 14th, 2019 | by Theo


Sweet Tooth Shortfill E-Liquid Review

The Sweet Tooth range is made in the UK and come in 50ml short fill bottles, supplied as a 70:30 VG to PG ratio. There’s enough room in the bottle to add a nic shot to make a 3mg nicotine, 60ml bottle of liquid. I have four of the range to test today. Happy Cherry, Happy Bluerazz, Fruit Salad and lastly, Passion Fruit Pineapple and Cool Mango. I’m using the trusty Kennedy RDA wicked up and ready to roll with a pair of simple clapton coils at 65w.

Happy Cherry

As the Sweet Tooth name suggests this range is all about sweet candy flavours. Happy Cherry is a sour candy cherry liquid that is very close to what it’s supposed to be. It’s a very sweet liquid. I’m not a huge fan of super sweet flavours usually, but it’s obviously what we should expect here.

The sour candy notes on the inhale are very tangy and sharp but they are somewhat tempered by the sweeter notes on the exhale. If you like that sugar lips sensation then you’ll enjoy it. Cherry flavours can taste a little medicinal sometimes but Happy Cherry doesn’t suffer from this. However it doesn’t taste like real fruit either. Overall if you like sour candies with a sugary sweet coating then this would be well worth a try and could easily make you happy.

Happy Bluerazz

With Happy Bluerazz we are back in the land of sour candy again. Bluerazz tastes like a blend of blueberries and raspberries, rather than a ‘blue raspberry.’ This isn’t inherently a bad thing as I like blueberries, but it might not be what you were expecting. The blueberry notes are quite soft with just a little sourness, the raspberry is more punchy and tarty.

Again there’s a strong candy vibe overall and not much authentic fruit flavour. I feel that this is a little less sweet than the Cherry. That might just be that the tart raspberries are really punching through the sweetness on the exhale. Definitely one for candy fans again, so in that respect it’s exactly what you would expect.

Fruit Salad

Next up, I will try Fruit Salad. I’m hoping this will be a familiar taste to me as I used love those little sweets with the same name as a kid. This is a lot less sour and tangy than the previous two. It’s still sweet but in a slightly different way and it doesn’t have that sugar coating on the exhale. However, it’s still a sugary liquid and very much a candy taste.

It’s a similar vibe to what I was expecting but I feel that there’s a few more flavours in here. Raspberry, pineapple, some citrus top notes that could be a touch of lemon or lime. There’s also something sweeter underneath that I presume is a touch of strawberry. It’s a nice mix that has a chewy candy texture that you don’t get with fruits on their own.  Overall this is my favourite so far, it’s a great fruit candy flavour that I would highly recommend.

Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Cool Mango

Passion fruit, Pineapple and Cool Mango is a different kind of flavour from all the others. There’s a note of menthol on the exhale that gives it a much fresher and overall less candy vibe. The passion fruit and pineapple are both very juicy while the melon and menthol add a cooling, refreshing note on the exhale that steers it away from being as candy-like as the previous flavours.

It’s still a sweet liquid, but it’s far more like vaping a sweetened fruit drink or maybe with the cooling something more like a fruit ice lolly. It’s very fruity and strong in taste and I’m really enjoying this one. If you are looking for something sweet but not too candy-like then this is the one I would recommend trying first.

Overall Summary and Conclusion

The Sweet Tooth range offers some unique flavours at a great price. They are all obviously mixed for people who enjoy sweet vapes, so if that’s not your thing then I would look elsewhere. They are very smooth and I didn’t experience any harshness with any of them.

I wasn’t a massive fan of the sour candy flavours because those just aren’t my thing. That said, they were very well done. If sweet flavours are what you enjoy then I’m sure you would be more than happy with them. Fruit Salad has a really enjoyable texture and taste. Passion fruit, Pineapple and Cool Mango was delicious and something I will be stocking up on. Overall this small sample has made me curious to try more of Sweet Tooth’s liquids. As always it’s great to taste another batch of expertly mixed UK liquids.

Sweet Tooth Shortfill E-Liquid Review Theo
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Summary: As you'd expect, this range was really made for the candy/sweet tooth vapers. Howevere, there's some interesting and tasty fruit combinations in there that fruit fans will appreciate too. It's another well executed range from the UK that will find a home in many vapers e-liquid collection.


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