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Published on September 26th, 2019 | by Theo


Switching from MTL to DTL

There are two styles of vaping – mouth to lung (MTL) and direct to lung (DTL). At some point, it’s pretty common for you want to switch from one to the other. Each have their benefits and drawbacks and the one you’ll enjoy most really comes down to what you want from your vape. We’ll start at the beginning – looking at how they differ, break down why people prefer one over the other and explain how you can try both. 

What’s the difference? 

Essentially, they’re just two different methods of inhalation. As the name would suggest, mouth to lung vaping is where you draw vapour into your mouth first, then down into your lungs. This emulates the style people are used to using with conventional cigarettes. It’s a sharper more restricted way to inhale than with direct to lung. You’d use this style with things like pod kits and lower powered vape pens. You also need to be using a kit that has a coil of 1.0ohm or more in resistance. This method produces smaller clouds and is usually used by vapers who want a strong nicotine hit or throat hit (or a bit of both). 

Direct to lung vaping is where you bypass inhaling into your mouth and inhale more deeply with a slower more steady breath directly into your lungs. This style requires that you use a kit with a Sub Ohm coil, less than 1.0ohm in resistance. You’ll usually use DTL vaping with kits like higher powered vape pens and box mods with larger tanks. When it comes to e-liquid, this style is best paired with low nicotine strength e-liquids that come in a high VG level. If you use something with too much PG or nicotine in a DTL vape, your throat hit and nicotine rush will be far too extreme to be enjoyable. Sub Ohm (DTL) vaping gives better flavour, a warmer inhale and much bigger clouds. 

Where do most people start? 

With most people using vaping as a means to quit smoking, generally speaking mouth to lung is the most common place for people to start. Some vapers might go straight to a lower powered Sub Ohm vape pen, but it really depends on what nicotine strength they needed in the first place. 

Mouth to lung vaping is great if you’re just starting because it caters to those of you who need more nicotine to get a satisfying vape. However, once people have started to wean themselves off nicotine and dropped their level a bit, other things become more important. 

Why switch from mouth-to-lung to Sub Ohm? 

Sub Ohm vaping requires high VG e-liquids, which come in a hugely diverse range of flavours. Once you start to move away from needing things like nic salts, you can enjoy a broader spectrum of flavours as well as kits that boost how well you experience these flavours. Aside from that, plenty of people enjoy blowing out bigger plumes of vapour as they get into vaping more. You might be perfectly content with sticking to a pocket-sized pod mod, but if you want to try something different, read on. 

How do I do it? 

If you don’t already have a vape kit, looking for one that has multiple coil options (both Sub Ohm and plus Ohm) is a good place to start. If you’ve already got a MTL kit, looking for something with a moderately low resistance is better. What we mean by that is something like a 0.6ohm that’s not too big a jump down from 1.0ohm+. 

Essentially – the lower the resistance, the more power you need and the more powerful your inhale will be. Choosing something like a vape pen is a safe bet because they typically range between 20 and 40 watts so aren’t going to be an off-putting start. Too much power can make the transition too extreme. 

As far as technique goes, it’s a pretty easy transition if you’ve vaped before. You might cough the first few times but it doesn’t take many people long to adjust. Instead of the shorter, sharper inhales into your mouth, take a longer and deeper breath straight in. 

Which kits can I use for MTL and DTL vaping? 

One of the best kits we’d recommend for either MTL or DTL is the Aspire Tigon. Aside from being a convenient size, it comes with settings and coils for both styles of vaping. When it comes to direct to lung vaping, you need much more airflow and the Tigon tank has a slot for DTL on one side and graduated holes for MTL on the other side. The coil options are also versatile, with a 1.2ohm for higher nicotine levels and a 0.4ohm for high VG e-liquids. 

If a pod kit is more your style, these days there are plenty that can do a pretty good job on both vaping styles. One of the newer options is the Lyra pod kit from Lostvape. It still has the convenience factor of a pod kit but the coils are replaceable – just pull the old one out and pop a new one in. The Sub Ohm option is 0.6ohms and the mouth to lung option is 1.2ohm giving you the perfect baby-step into direct to lung vaping. 

If you’ve already gone down the mouth to lung route and want to dive in head first, we recommend a box mod kit. For something more powerful with more control over your wattage, you might prefer something like the Kroma iSub-B from Innokin. It’s easy to use but also gives you plenty of control over your settings. The coil that comes with the kit is a 0.35ohm resistance and you can fire between 6 and 75 watts. This gives you a broad range to work with – so you can start off at a lower level and work your way up to tasty and voluminous clouds. Added bonus: if your MTL tank has a 510 connector, you can use it on the Kroma mod too.

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