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Published on August 28th, 2019 | by Theo


Top 5 Vape Pens

Vape pens might be a little more simple looking than a snazzy new pod kit, but they have a lot to offer for vapers looking for a little more flexibility and power. There are plenty of vape pens to choose from, ranging from the more simple and super slim mouth to lung kits, up to variable wattage options. We’ve chosen our top five favourites, some of which have been around a while as well as a few are newer options. Whether you’re in the market for your first pen vape or you just need a spare you can slip in your pocket – we think one of these will tick the boxes for you. 

Innokin Endura T20-S 

Starting off with the more basic designs, one of our top choices is the Endura T20-S from Innokin. There are a few pens in the Endura range and this is one of the latest models. It’s got an impressively hefty 1500mAh battery and a 2ml capacity while measuring in at just 20mm in diameter. It’s an ideal first step into Sub Ohm vaping and is an incredibly affordable option too. The coils are 0.8ohms in resistance – making for an airy but relatively cool direct to lung inhale. If you’re just moving to Sub Ohm vaping, something that isn’t too powerful or too hot is ideal – and the Endura T20-S will give you just that. 

The kind of vaper that will love the Endura T20-S: A mouth to lung vaper looking for an easy to use kit that’ll give them a more cloudy vape to use with high VG liquids. With the usual single button design, great Innokin quality and easy to change coils it’s a low maintenance option with plenty of battery life to boot. 

Innokin Jem Pen 

Another offering from Innokin but this one is purely for the mouth to lung vapers. Unlike a lot of original models which sometimes resulted in poor flavour or spitting e-liquids, Innokin has refined everything for a great MTL experience. The 1.6ohm and 2.0ohm coils are a super strict mouth to lung inhale, perfect for new vapers wanting something that feels like a conventional cigarette. Measuring in at 16mm in diameter and a smidge under 13cms in length top to bottom, the Jem is incredibly pocket friendly and light weight. You can check your e-liquid levels in the drop shaped window and – despite it’s compact size – it still has the usual 2ml capacity.

The kind of vaper that will love the Jem: New vapers who want something flavourful that only needs a single button to operate, has plenty of battery life (it’s an internal 1000mAh battery) and can be used with stronger nicotine e-liquids. 

Aspire PockeX 

The PockeX is one of those classic pens that’s been around a while but still has plenty of fans both new and old. It’s an AIO kit – meaning you can use it for either mouth to lung or direct to lung vaping. It’s incredibly simple to set up and to swap between mouth to lung and Sub Ohm vaping, you just need to choose your coil accordingly. The PockeX comes pre-installed with a 0.6ohm coil for a direct to lung hit – which is just about right for a first Sub Ohm kit. Thanks to its versatility you can use a wide range of liquids with it too. Use a 1.2ohm coil with nic salts for a stronger hit or the 0.6ohm coils with high VG liquids for more clouds and a lower nicotine level.  

The kind of vaper that will love the PockeX: It’s an incredibly versatile option that’s still slim and light enough to take on the go with you. If you’re starting out vaping you can do so even with a higher nicotine level, then eventually swap to the Sub Ohm coils (if you choose). Unlike some pen vapes which may not have the power or coil options to do both, you won’t need to purchase a whole new kit when you swap mouth to lung for Sub Ohm vaping. 

SMOK Nord 19 AIO 

For something with a little more power but equally as versatile, we’d recommend checking out the SMOK Nord 19 AIO kit. With a maximum output of 25 watts, you’ll be able to get some pretty decent clouds out of it with the Sub Ohm coil. If you’re just starting out or prefer a mouth to lung vape – you can also pop in the MTL coil instead to use it that way too. Like the PockeX, the Sub Ohm coil is 0.6ohms – making for a comfortable direct to lung inhale without being too hot or too powerful when you’re starting out. The mouth to lung coil is a flavourful ceramic option with a 1.4ohm resistance. This makes for a much tighter and more cigarette like draw – so transitioning smokers can’t go far wrong with the Nord 19. 

The kind of vaper that will love the Nord 19 AIO: Someone looking for a vape that looks great (there are plenty of colour options) is hardy and can adapt to their vaping style. With a 2ml tank and two coil options it can be used with 20mg nic salts and 50:50 e-liquids or high VG options for a more cloudy vape. 

Freemax Twister 

For an outrageously colourful and more powerful Sub Ohm pen vape, our choice would be the Freemax Twister. It’s the only kit on our list that lets you control the wattage output, making it a great option before you get into variable wattage box mods. Using it is simple, there’s no display – you just rotate the dial on the base of the 2300mAh battery to adjust how much power you want. It starts at 5 watts and ranges up to 80 watts – so even if you’re just starting out with Sub Ohm vaping you can still use it in a lower output. The coils that come with the kit are low resistance – 0.2ohm and 0.15ohm and both have a Mesh core for super clouds and flavour. 

The kind of vaper that will love the Twister: Someone that’s looking for a powerful and super cloudy pen vape with more options to play with than most pen kits on the market these days. Especially ideal for vapers who have already used a more modest Sub Ohm kit but aren’t keen on a larger box mod and tank combination. 

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