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Published on July 23rd, 2019 | by Theo


Vape Dodo Shortfill Review

Vape Dodo Shortfill Review Theo
Vape Volume
Throat Hit

Summary: With such a high VG content, you get super thick clouds with an almost non-existent throat hit. The flavours are all unique and there should be something in the range so suit everyone.


Vapour and Flavour

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Vape Dodo were launched in 2017 right here in the UK, and the team came away with several awards at the first show they attended. Since then, Vape Dodo has gone from strength to strength. You can find their unique looking bottles on shelves all across the country, even recently breaking into some parts of Europe. Once only available in TPD 10ml bottles, the original range are now available in 50ml short fill bottles too. They are 80/20 blends and there’s five exciting flavours to try: Alpine Berry, Cast Away Coconut,  Raspberry Moonshine, Smooth Forbidden Peach and lastly their popular tobacco flavour,  Wild Tobacco. I’m lucky enough to have all five to try out and I’m testing them in a Pulse 24 with a pair of simple clapton coils around 0.4 ohms.

Wild Tobacco

I’m going to revisit Wild Tobacco first as I’ve had it before but not for a while, it’s a tobacco unlike any other I’m aware of. You might have had tobacco flavours with other additions like nuts, caramel or coconut, but Vape Dodo’s Wild Tobacco contains the addition of an orange liqueur.

It’s a little sweeter than I remember. As well as the orange there’s some really beautiful vanilla notes that help bridge the two, which might seem, disparate flavours. The tobacco flavour is very fresh and leafy tasting, which helps it here as I’m not sure a darker more earthy variety would work as well. As it is, it’s a fantastic tobacco that a lot of people will enjoy. If you think of it as more of an orange, vanilla and herb taste and don’t let the tobacco element put you off, it doesn’t come across as a rich tobacco flavour. This would make a very easy all day vape for me and I’m not sure why I haven’t tried it again until now.

Alpine Berry

Next onto one that’s brand new to me, Alpine Berry. It smells like there’s some mint or menthol in here, I just hope it’s not too overpowering. There’s a nice scent of ripe, sweet berries too.

First impressions here are a bit mixed for me. There’s a little too much of a cool inhale for me personally. It’s not massively unpleasant or anything but I would have preferred a little less. However, if you like cool tasting vapes then you’ll probably be right at home. The exhale is really delicious though and the berry notes really come through with a lot of vibrancy and sweetness. It’s a really good combination that’s blended so nothing is really jumping out as a dominant note. It really is just the perfect combination of sweet and ripe berries.

Cast Away Coconut

I’m a big fan of coconut vapes when they are done well, so I’m excited about Vape Dodo’s Cast Away Coconut, it smells fantastic and not unlike a Pina Colada cocktail.

There’s more going on here than I might have imagined. There’s a smooth creamy coconut milk base but there’s also a lot of different fruit elements. I’m having some trouble picking them out individually but all you need to know is that they taste tropical and delicious. It’s sweet and all rather intoxicating. It’s a perfect summer vape and one I really don’t want to stop vaping. If you enjoy smooth coconut vapes then you must try this.

Raspberry Moonshine

Raspberry Moonshine sounds interesting; I do enjoy raspberries a lot so I have high hopes. The raspberries have a fairly authentic taste and the right amount of tartness, the ‘moonshine’ element is a bit of a mystery, it’s not really alcoholic tasting but there is a slight tangy fizz there.

I’ve vaped similar liquids that were called Raspberry Lemonade but this is subtly different from those. It does share some of those qualities though, so if you like pink lemonade’s and flavours like that you’ll enjoy this. It’s a nice twist on that profile that offers something new yet also somewhat familiar.

Smooth Forbidden Peach

Last one for me to try today is Smooth Forbidden Peach, it’s a yogurt based vape which I could smell as soon as I opened it. How you feel about this flavour might depend on how you feel about yogurt vapes generally.

I enjoy them but they aren’t something I would want to vape all day. Vape Dodo have done a really good job on the yogurt base here. It’s not overly sweetened and has an authentic natural yogurt taste. It’s creamy and smooth and blends perfectly with the sweet peach. The peach note has plenty of depth and tastes a lot like chunks of juicy ripe peach plunged into the fresh yogurt. It’s very yummy and smooth.

Overall Summary and Conclusion

This original range from Vape Dodo is unique enough to stand out without being too crazy or unusual. There’s a wide range of flavour profiles here and most people would find something they enjoy. Highlights for me are the Wild Tobacco and Cast Away Coconut. I’m sure the rest would all find a home with someone. The 80/20 blends are smooth but produce a lot of thick vapour, if you wanted to tone that down a little you could use a PG based nicotine shot. There’s not a bad flavour in the bunch. Overall this is another fantastic flavour range from a UK company that are absolutely worthy of your attention.

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