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Vaporart Shortfill Review

Vaporart is an Italian e-liquid manufacturer. The flavour development, production and packaging are carried out entirely in Italy which makes a nice change from the UK and US liquids we usually see on these shores. Vaporart use the best ingredients available for their liquids and have a wide range of zero nicotine short-fill bottles and fully TPD compliant 10ml bottles too.

I have five different short-fill flavours to test. The Cup and Re Cup are both coffee flavours, Miss Pie and Mr Pie, which I presume are pie flavours of some description, and lastly something called Gran Cookie. They are all blended to 70VG/30PG and come in good value 50ml short-fill bottles. I’m going to be testing them out in a Pulse 24 RDA with a pair of simple clapton coils.

The Cup

If anyone can make a good coffee flavoured e-liquid then surely it must be our Italian friends. So I’m going to start with The Cup. I’ll tell you right away that this is one of the best coffee flavours I’ve ever experienced. It has the strong, rich taste of a freshly brewed espresso made with the best ground beans. To temper that down a little it’s been blended with a scoop of smooth and sweet ice cream. It’s a really nicely layered blend and it doesn’t taste like coffee ice cream. What you get is a rich, earthy coffee inhale, with a sweet creamy vanilla exhale. For coffee fans I have no doubt this will hit the spot.

Re Cup

Re Cup has the same rich espresso notes as The Cup and is the perfect partner liquid. Without the creamy exhale it’s a more difficult flavour to vape in some ways, you really have to like coffee. With Re Cup we get none of the sweet vanilla and instead we get a warm, woody whiskey note that comes though on the exhale especially. It reminds me of an Irish coffee as there’s some sweet brown sugar notes too. It’s a very well done liquid but I expect it won’t have the wide appeal of The Cup. However I’m sure there will be a small but devoted group of people that will absolutely love this. It’s different, that’s for sure.

Miss Pie

Moving onto the pie flavours, I’m going to try Miss Pie first. It smells fantastic, the scent of apples that have been baked and sweetened is unmistakable. It’s a classic flavour and Vaporart have done a good job here. The apples are sweet, juicy and have a warm baked taste. They’ve combined it beautifully with the buttery notes of a baked shortcrust pastry. In some ways it’s a simple flavour. There’s no custard or anything like that, but for me that helps highlight what a well balanced flavour it really is. If you are looking for a straight-up and delicious baked apple pie then this is the one.

Mr Pie

Mr Pie is a much more complex flavour, it’s lemon pie but there is a lot going on. There’s a lot of sponge cake, so I presume this is more like a Bakewell tart: a thin pastry case filled with soft fluffy cake. It still has the buttery pastry notes but they are lighter than in Miss Pie. The lemon is really sweet and zesty, it tastes like warm sweetened lemon juice has been soaked through the sponge with a layer of tangy curd between that and the pastry. The exhale is sweet and tangy and the warm cake notes linger on the palate afterwards. This is a really delicious lemon bakery and if you already like lemon tart and meringues you’ll love this.

Gran Cookie

Gran Cookie from Vaporart is a delightful cookie taste. It’s full of buttery and biscuity goodness and  is an excellent flavour to have with The Cup. I couldn’t resist this myself and ended up with two RDAs set up one with the coffee and one with the biscuit, it worked great and made the perfect coffee break combination. It’s not the most complex of flavours but it is done very well, I might even go as far as saying it’s the perfect biscuit vape. As well as excellent flavour it also has a great texture that really helps sell it as an authentic biscuit. I really enjoyed this liquid along with a cup of tea too. It’s a great no-nonsense cookie without any off notes.

Overall Conclusion and Summary

Overall I enjoyed these Vaporart flavours a lot and I’ll certainly be trying more when I can. They are quite different to many of the liquids I’ve tried lately, they just have something unique about them that’s hard to describe. I guess it’s just that little bit of Italian flair in every bottle. They were all smooth and tasty with great vapour production and excellent flavour profiles. At a price that is comparable to most UK liquids, they also come at great value for money.

Vaporart Shortfill Review adminREV
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Summary: Vaporart have perfectly captured both coffee and dessert flavours in this range. Getting them just right isn't easy but these e-liquids are vibrant and accurate to their real life inspiration.


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