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Vaporesso Armour Pro Kit Review

Vaporesso Armour Pro Kit Review adminREV
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Summary: Another great combination of a highly customisable mod from Vaporesso paired with a GT compatible tank. Great for vapour production but small and simple enough to take on the go.


Compact and versatile vaping

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The new Armour kit from Vaporesso combines the Armour mod with the Cascade Mini tank to create a compact little kit with a whole raft of features you’d expect to find in a much larger device. It’s a single cell device but adapts to 21700, 20700 and 18650 batteries which gives you a great range of options and plenty of battery life to boot. It has everything an experienced Sub Ohm vaper would want from a regulated mod from the standard wattage mode as well as temperature control mode and TCR for various coil varieties. It also has a nifty Super Player mode especially for using with RDAs which allows the mod to fire with coils as low as 0.03 Ohms so caters to coil builders too.

As far as design goes, it’s quite a unique kit. The screen on the Armour is also the firing button, spanning the length of the body of the mod similar to how SMOK design their mods. It makes vaping on this kit easy, regardless of whether you’re used to using your thumb or fingers to fire it or which hand you use which is a nice feature. When you do press the button, it fires incredibly quickly with Vaporesso claiming a 0.002 second activation speed. The screen itself is full colour and you can change the settings to get it looking how you want it. This is a compact mod and there’s almost too much information on the menu to see it clearly on the 0.96 inch screen but this would be difficult to get around given the compact size of the mod itself. The interface on the screen is quite intuitive to use, especially if you’ve used Vaporesso products before. It would be nice if the selector buttons were on the side instead as it does feel a little fiddly when you’re playing with the custom curve functions. People with big fingers may struggle with the tiny buttons a little too.

Don’t let the name fool you, despite the tank being the “mini” Cascade it’s still a respectable 24.5mm diameter and provides a lot of flavour and vapour especially combined with the mesh coils. The design of this tank is quite unique. Again, similar to something from SMOK, the top cap swivels off but the click-down-to-lock feature is different and prevents the cap accidentally opening, preventing any spills. It’s a little whistly on the inhale, even with the air vents completely open but nothing overly irritating. Flavour and vapour production are both great, especially on higher wattage settings, exactly as you’d expect from the lower resistance mesh GT coils. The fact you can fit a fairly decent sized tank on top (you could comfortably go for a 25mm tank with room for a little extra without overhang) means this mod can accommodate most atomisers from your collection. That functionality combined with the Super Player mode designed especially for RDAs and the ByPass mode to act as a mech mod is also a nice feature.

This is classified as a starter kit, but it would almost certainly be too complex for someone just picking up vaping. It would be an ideal kit for someone moving into Sub Ohm vaping looking for a mod with plenty of safety options still present and a fairly easy interface to play with settings on.

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