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Vaporesso Drizzle Fit Kit Review

Vaporesso Drizzle Fit Kit Review adminREV
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Summary: A mini bod mod take on the original Drizzle kit, this one packs a few interesting features in. Best for entry level mouth to lung vapers.


Fit Kit 2.0

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The latest offering from Vaporesso, the Drizzle Fit, stands somewhere between a box mod and a pod kit. A new take on their original Drizzle pen vape, this one is super compact and made for mouth to lung vapers as well with a few new little functions and features. Following the release of things like the Juul and Zeltu X, how does the Drizzle Fit stack up against the original and other mouth to lung kits?

Vaporesso Drizzle Fit – Build Quality

As mentioned, this one is super tiny. Standing at just 97mm tall and 33x23mm wide and deep it’s certainly small enough to fit in your pocket. The size also makes it an ideal option for stealth vaping. As you’d expect with a kit this size, it features an internal 1400mAh battery which, compared to many other MTL kits, is pretty solid. Unlike many other MTL models, because it’s a box mod it has a chipset which can detect your coil resistance and adjust the wattage output accordingly. The firing bar is nice and responsive and it’s the usual click-five-times for switching on and off.

Up top when we look at the tank it’s an almost-TPD sized capacity at 1.8mls. For a Sub Ohm tank this would be a disadvantage but given it’s a low powered device for nic salts it’s not such an issue. Like the original Drizzle it also has top adjustable airflow which is nice too. It has a standard 510 connector meaning you can swap out the tank. As it’s super compact you wouldn’t want to put anything larger than 22mm in diameter on top though.

vaporesso drizzle fit black

The Drizzle Fit: functionality and how it vapes

As mentioned, it has a chipset for adjusting your wattage automatically. You can tell your output according to the LED colour indicator (green is 13 watts output, blue is 9 watts and red is 7 watts). The specs from Vaporesso say it’s capable of up to 40 watts but without a screen you have no idea what it’s actually at beyond the light indicator.

Vaping it, it’s a tight draw even when the air vents are completely open. Definitely one for the recent ex-smokers of the world. The flavour is about what you’ll experience with most mouth to lung kits, satisfying enough and it performs well with nic salts for a decent hit.

When your battery runs low, it has quick 1A recharging. In terms of vaping life it lasted pretty well, a full day of vaping and it still had some power left. While this isn’t too bad, there are plenty of models with 2A charging these days which would have been a nicer feature. You can utilise the passthrough capability however so at least when you are charging, you can still vape.

Drizzle Fit vs Drizzle Pen

When it comes to a comparison between the original Drizzle vape pen and the Drizzle Fit, I think the original takes the trophy. It’s more simple, does what you need it to (if you’re a beginner). The main advantage the Fit over the original is the slightly larger battery which may be a benefit for some users. Beyond that, they’re very similar. Either would give you a good mouth to lung vape, it really just comes down to whether you prefer a pen or more of a box mod style.

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