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Published on October 3rd, 2019 | by Theo


Vaporesso PodStick Kit Review

The Vaporesso PodStick is a pod system that uses refillable pods on top in a vape pen style device.  It’s claimed that it can suit MTL or DTL vapers depending on which pod is used and offers variable power options. At first glance, it looks similar to an AIO device. It comes in a range of anodised aluminium finishes and looks very smart, but can the PodStick offer anything new or different to what we’ve seen already?

Build quality and Specifications

Inside the box we have our PodStick device that comes pre-installed with a 1.3 ohm CCELL pod. There’s also a spare 0.6 ohm mesh pod intended for DTL use. The included charging cable a braided, standard micro USB connection. I would prefer USB-C these days but the cable is a decent quality one. As well as the usual paperwork and small user manual Vaporesso have also included an empty e-liquid bottle. The reason will become clear later but it’s a good idea that they included one. The PodStick is 111mm tall and 22mm wide which is around the same size as the Uwell Caliburn. It’s a little thicker though, around 18mm, which gives it a more rounded feel and look.

There’s a maximum of 1 amp charging for the 900mAh built-in battery. This is a fairly normal or average capacity for a pod system. There’s 3 power levels available and with 3 clicks on the button you can change between low, medium and high power. The actual wattage options delivered to the coil will depend on the resistance of the pod you are using. Vaporesso suggest 12.5w on the highest setting for the 1.3 ohm coil and 22w if you are using the 0.6 ohm mesh pod. There’s also 5 LED’s under the button to show battery life. It’s all powered by Vaporesso’s Omni Board Mini, which we’ve seen in their products before and I have no complaints with that. The PodStick has a lightweight aluminium case, which is well finished and feels fairly robust compared to some all-plastic devices. The fire button is comfortable to use and has a nice solid click.

Pod Setup

The pods are sealed units and don’t have adjustable airflow or replaceable coils. To be fair, that’s what makes this a pod system rather than an AIO, but they have got something I’ve not seen before. Like a lot of tanks these days the PodStick pods have a sliding top-fill mechanism. After sliding the top over you’ll see a fill hole with Vaporesso’s push valve filling system. We’ve seen this before and I think it’s a brilliant system that makes filling the pods easy and mess free.

You can use the included bottle to transfer your liquid into if the nib on your e-liquid bottle doesn’t fit perfectly. Having said that, I’ve found that most standard bottles work fine. You simply push down a little and squeeze. After filling, the pod clicks into the top of the device and is held securely by magnets.

Pod Performance

Vaporesso say that the PodStick can be used as either a mouth to lung or direct to lung device depending on which coil you use. There is quite a difference in airflow between the two but for me the 0.6 ohm has only just enough airflow to comfortably DTL inhale and I found myself just naturally using it in a MTL style. If you like a big unrestricted DTL inhale then I would look elsewhere. Flavour and vapour production was fine with this coil, but I think the flavour from the CCELL coil is superior.

The 1.3 ohm coil also has an almost perfect MTL draw too. Thankfully they’ve included both types in the kit, so you can try both and decide for yourself. I also found the overall coil life of the 1.3 ohm CCELL pod to be a lot better. It’s been going for weeks and is still giving me great flavour. Both pods hold 2ml, but the excellent filling system means this isn’t really an issue here. Unlike most pod systems, you don’t have to remove the pod from the device to fill it. This feature makes using the PodStick no more fiddly than using a standard tank.

Overall Performance and Summary

The PodStick is a fairly unique device and it could be just what you’ve been looking for. It has a lot of advantages over the competition when it comes to the pods. It has one of the cleanest and easiest filling systems around. There’s the possibility to switch between DTL and MTL by just swapping the pod, providing you enjoy a restricted DTL inhale.

With the 1.3ohm CCELL pod and 12mg liquid I was getting a full days use out of the PodStick using it the same way as I would a mod and tank. The adjustable power levels are a nice touch but for me I found both pods were the most satisfying on the medium or high setting, the low setting always felt a little under powered. Overall I think this would be a great device for a transitioning smoker. The CCELL pods offer an excellent vaping experience in a simple to use device.

Vaporesso PodStick Kit Review Theo
Build Quality
Vape Volume
Battery Life
Value For Money

Summary: With two pod options and super tidy refilling, the PodStick combines some of the best features of mods with the convenience of pods. The flavour is good and the pods are easy to install, refill and have a good lifespan.


Pod Meets Mod

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