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Published on August 22nd, 2019 | by Theo


Vaporesso Skrr Tank Review

Vaporesso Skrr Tank Review Theo
Build Quality
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Summary: Vaporesso have delivered again with the Skrr tank. Powerful coils, child-proof top fill design and superior airflow set this otherwise ordinary looking tank apart from the rest.


Sub-Ohm Excellence

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Vaporesso have created some truly excellent vaping devices in the last couple of years. One of the true innovators in the market, they always seem to be pushing new ideas and new ways of doing things. The Skrr is no exception. It may look slightly understated from the outside but inside there’s some really cool things I’ve not seen before. The QF coils with a unique design and new wicking materials promise to deliver a top draw vaping experience for DTL vapers. Let’s open the box and see what we have and find out if the Skrr lives up to its promises.

Build Quality and Specifications

Inside the box there’s plenty to get excited about. The tank comes with three different coils. There’s a 0.15ohm QF Strip Coil, a 0.2ohm QF Mesh Coil and a 0.5ohm GT CCELL Coil. As well as these included coils, the Vaporesso Skrr can use any coil from the GT or QF ranges. Also included is all the usual paperwork, user guide and warranty card. There’s also a small spares bag, but the star of the show is obviously the Skrr tank itself. From the outside it might not look like anything special and resembles many other sub-tanks, but most of the magic comes from the unique QF coils.

Looking inside them, the mesh is surrounded by Vaporesso’s unique flax fibre and cotton wicking that promises better wicking and true flavour. They have a unique ‘bullet shape’ that should reduce spit-back and make leaking almost impossible. Any excess liquid collecting or dripping back down should go straight back to the bottom of the wick. Overall the tank feels well designed and machined, with a nice smooth finish. I actually quite like the understated look. It has the Vaporesso child-proof, sliding top fill, which you turn to unlock then slide open. It’s a nice design that’s very easy to use once you get used to it, it also feels very secure once closed.

Flavour and Performance

In use the top fill system works very well, the fill ports are big enough for most bottle nibs and I found it an easy and mess-free process. The coils took a little while for me to get the best flavour from them, I found that they really started to taste the best on the second or third tank of liquid has passed through. The wicking on the QF coils are a combination of flax and cotton, so maybe that needs a tank or two to break in a little.

The coils recommended wattage is 65-75 watts, but I did find that you can push them pretty hard without too much worry. I expect Vaporesso have been a little cautious on the numbers. This is far better than them stating 75w and then finding out the hard way that it’s too high for your coil. I was getting a nice warm vape from both of the QF coils, if you want something a little cooler then the GT coils might suit you better as some of those are in the sub-50w range. Flavour from the Skrr is better than many similar tanks and after testing with some familiar flavours I was suitably impressed. Overall it’s just a really solid sub-tank with a range of excellent coil options.

Overall Performance and Summary

The Skrr tank has four large bottom-airflow vents that provide more than enough airflow for even the highest power coils. Wicking was superb and even pushing the QF coils to their power limits and beyond, there was no sign of dryness in the vapour. It was at all times a fully saturated and flavourful vaping experience. I guess the anti-spitback design of the coils must be doing what it promises as hot spitting liquid was something I didn’t experience at all.

The Vaporesso top fill design has had an update making it super leak resistant and childproof. Even with the tank sideways in my pocket for a while, I didn’t get any leaking . The Skrr satisfies on both flavour and vapour production, the coils can kick out very thick, dense clouds. If the 2ml capacity is a deal breaker, there’s a couple of options for you. A 5ml bubble glass and an even bigger 8ml ‘goldfish bowl’ glass, which will make the tank far more versatile and more useful as a daily tank. With a wide range of compatible coils and the 5ml glass I think the Vaporesso Skrr would be a great option for a daily use sub-tank.

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