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Zeltu X Pod Kit Review

Zeltu X Pod Kit Review adminREV
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Summary: Designed in London, the Zeltu X is a high-end feeling device created for new vapers. With a raft of unique little features it had great functionality in a beautifully designed package.


Pod kit fresh out of London

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With so many nic salts hitting the market and corresponding kits made to use them with there have been a lot of pod mods released in the last few months. In a world of pod kits, it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd. The Zeltu X is the latest kit from the London based company, designed especially for nic salts with a higher PG level. It’s nice to see something from a less well-known brand popping up and this one looks a little different from other pod kits too.

The construction of this one feels quite high end, especially considering it’s a pod kit which are typically quite plasticy feeling. The brushed metal finish of this one feels great in the hand and makes for quite a grippy texture to hold. It’s small enough to almost completely cover with your hand so is great for stealth vaping and the narrow drip tip helps to enhance flavour. The pods click in with a powerful magnet and come in a 1.2 and 1.6 Ohm resistance. Once they’re in, I had no issues with them coming loose or rattling. The drip tip is integrated into the pods meaning you get a fresh one whenever you change the pod, however the drip tip itself isn’t interchangeable. There’s an adjustable airflow vent underneath which is great and is a useful features you don’t get in a lot of pod kits. Leaving it open is a pleasant restricted draw, closing it down a little gives you a true cigarette type mouth to lung inhale. Another nice little feature of the X is that it comes with a top cap to stop your drip tip from getting dirty when it’s in your pocket but the point of difference is, unlike most top caps, it’s magnetic and holds onto the bottom of your mod while you’re vaping. This is particularly useful if you’re forgetful like I am and leave the cap lying around and can’t remember where you put it.

Having refillable pods is always a good option as they’re more cost effective in the long run given you get more uses out of them and you can choose whatever flavour and strength liquid you want. Ideally these pods are best for 50:50 juices so you get a decent flavour payoff but you can use 60:40 too. Refilling is a breeze and a lot easier than some other kits that need an e-liquid injector thanks to a wide willing port at the top of the pod. Juice is held in with a little screw on lid, the lid has ridged edges to help with grip and a rubber seal inside which helps prevent any leaks. It might be a little bit of a struggle for people with larger hands but it’s nothing unmanageable. The pods are pretty forgiving on juice so you won’t need to open them up that often. You can see your juice level through the little window in the side of the mod and there’s also an LED indicator to show you how much battery life is remaining too.

The kit includes two pods, the resistances are pretty similar but you do notice a bit more of a nic hit with the 1.2 Ohm coil especially when you’re using nic salts. Flavour is decent though definitely better with a higher PG juice and nic salts certainly pack a punch with this little kit. Cloud production is fairly modest so it’s a great kit for stealth vaping. Using it is easy as it’s just the classic “click five times” to turn on and off and fire to vape. All up, it’s a really lovely little kit. A satisfying weight and the metal body gives it a luxury feel and the quality of the vape especially considering how versatile it is makes it worth the slightly higher price point.

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